Nov 8, 2008

NoBloPoMo - Peace - Day 8

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I admit it has been a bit stressful between species here since Mom 'Bean got the new cat, Mewsic, at the start of August, so that's like 3 months now. I will be 10 years old December 14, so am a bit old fur making changes, though I like to believe that if the cat was nice to me I 'd be nice to her, and if she didn't run from me I wouldn't chase her. To me, chasing her is a game, not something I do to try to hurt her. Woof Shadow, I would chase and he'd run, but in all the years we were together I never caught him, and when he was on Mom's bed it was his safe place and sometimes he'd let me sniff him and give him a lick. If he didn't run from me, I didn't chase him. Mewsic always spits and yowls at me then runs away like either she wants to play or she's scared of me. Mom gives me heck if I chase her cats.

I know that sometimes in the day when I'm outside in my dog run, Mom and Mewsic nap together, and other than that Mewsic doesn't come into the bedroom cuz I sleep in there, so she's scared. I'm sure the fact that I've chased her out of there and barked at her has nothing to do woof that. Anyway, night before last, in the middle of the night, when I was sleeping, the cat sneeked in and slept all the rest of that night woof Mom on the bed. She went to do that again last night, and I put a stop to that. Arf!

However, we are making some progress towards peace. I think that in time, if I live that long and I'm not going anywhere soon, we might actually get along. Mom would like that a lot. We have made Mom real happy a few times, like woof Mewsic sitting on the chair woof Mom when I'm laying on the floor beside them. Mewsic starts to get scared like she's gonna run, and Mom puts her hand on Mewsic and stops me from getting my head too close to the silly cat, and then we all settle down and relax. Them Mom's happy. And she was real happy when the cat slept woof her that night. Maybe I'll allow it to happen again soon.

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storyteller said...

Molly knows precisely what you’re going through. It’s taken her almost 4 years to get Ms. Kitty to stop running away, but they have finally established an ‘easier peace’ … not quite ‘snuggily’ yet … but perhaps in the future. We both hope things work out between you and Mewsic too.
Hugs and blessings,