Mar 15, 2008

Dog - Hooman Dictionary

How to speak dog. I’m working on a Dog - Hooman Dictionary. This is the start of it. If any of you dawgs that visit me have any input, let me know.

Arf, arf, arf = laughing (ha, ha, ha)

Whoof = hello

Whoof, woof = a big hello

Woof = with

Woofenderful = wonderful

Bark = whatever I want it to at the time, mostly a sign of excitement and happiness.

Meow = (fat chance. No way will I ever meow. Just threw it in to mess woof yur mind.

Fur = 1- the hair of a dog or cat; 2- for

Yur = your

Dawg = dog (woof a red neck accent)

grrrrr = I'm not happy 'bout something

grrrrRUFF = I'm excited

'nough fur now.... maybe I'll add more later. Time fur a dawg nap.


My Mom loves her usb flash drives. She finds they work really great for an exterior hard drive, she stores all her photos on one of them so if the 'puter dies, she still has the photos. She also uses one of them a lot for taking information between her 2 computers, or one at home and one at church where she does volunteer work.


Jersey - The Furry Diva said...

Sending nose-lciks to your hooman mommy! Just to let her know we all love her to pieces ♥

Great job on the dic... dic... dictionary ;-)

Chelsea + Shiloh said...

I smiled at this post...I do the same thing..I load photos onto the computer first, then each month put the on a flash drive...Ive lost to many in the past...

the dictionary gave me a grin

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these insights. I will surely take note of all of these. I have in fact bookmarked your site.