Aug 26, 2010

More on New Dog...

Doggone dog gone.... haha. 

For more info on this, come back later.  Just wanted to leave a quick something before I run off.

Aug 24, 2010

I got a new dog last week.  She has been called Koko by her previous owners, though I want to change her name... just don't know what to yet.  She is a mixed breed dog and I am used to having purebred dogs, but oh well.  From what I'm told, her father is pure Rottweiler... her mother is 1/2 Great Pyrenees, 1/4 each German Shepard & Black Lab. She is pretty, and fairly docile, though is also something of a problem dog.  She is used to living at the far end of a dirt road, out in the middle of nowhereville, with a family and 3 other dogs.  I live on a very busy highway, no kids & no other dogs.  So far, I have put her into Reba's run 3 times.  In 11 1/2 years, Reba never got out of that pen and likely never tried.... this dog (for now I will refer to her as Dawg) has gotten out 2 of the 3 times.  The first time she was gone all night and didn't get back until noonish... the last time she got out around 8-9am and didn't come home until around 6pm the next day!! I had thought she was gone for good and am sad to say but was quite okay with that, so when she came trotting up the driveway looking pleased with herself, I was a bit disappointed to see her.  Oh well, we will both get used to each other in time.  I was told that she was a total outdoor dog... then I drove 130k to get her & drove drove another 130k to bring her home with me... then through email I found out she used to be allowed inside the house and up on the furniture!!!  So not only does she come with a pretty face, but also with a package of bad habits that I will have to break!!  I now have her on lead at all times, day & night, inside & out.  She is in 'full training mode', so for the next month or so we will be tied to each other. She will learn to keep her feet & mouth off the counters, to stay off the furniture, to quit chewing my shoes & socks... as well as the usual sit, down, stay type stuff, and I will do more repairs on the dog run so she can't get out when I have to leave her home.  She eventually will learn to not howl/whine/bark when I'm further than 2 feet from her.  I will learn to be more patient.  Yup, a growing & learning experience for us both.  I am now wondering what was I thinking... and knowing I should have waited longer & gotten a 7-8 week old rather than a 5+ month old with issues.  Oh well... here we go...

A New Dog

Most women like to go shopping, many of them like shopping for women's dresses.  I'm more into shopping for animals.  I do like to get myself new clothes from time to time, I mean, who wouldn't, but I love animals more.  Last week I went shopping and came home with a  new dog.  Hey, I missed Reba a lot and needed a new dog more than I needed new clothes.  I must admit I'm not your 'average' woman.

Aug 20, 2010

What Are Calories??

Calories are the little suckers that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter!

Aug 11, 2010

Brynx is a Dad

Break out the cigars, Brynx is a first time dad.  My friend Wendy's beautiful German Shepard dog, Brynx, is just over 1 year old now and has fathered his first litter of pups.  The mother is a Huskey with some wolf in her.  She's from the Balto line of dogs.  I haven't seen the pups yet, but Wendy said they're really cute and that Brynx seems to know they are his.  I would like to see these.  I am not really big on German Shepards, but some are nice.  Brynx is called a 'flat back' as he's not got the low rump of the AKC Shepard.  I like these much better and feel that the AKC has ruined the breed by going with such a low back end on them. 

Last night when I went to a BBQ party I knew there would be a dog there, so I took a bunch of dog cookies that Reba left behind.  I gave lots of them to Daisy.  Hey, we were all eating, she should be too, and not people food.

Some things I've seen on the internet lately

Here are some things I've seen on the internet lately that I found interesting:

- Canadian Living Magazine
- several really yummy sounding Hummus recipes.  I really have to try making some one of these days as I love eating it.
- Tahini recipes.  They go with the Hummus.
- inogen oxygen concentrators.  Mom uses oxygen daily and it would be nice to get her a small concentrator that doesn't make lots of noise.
- BC Classic Motorcycle Club forum
- Best Health magazine.  Lots of pointers on how to eat better and stuff like that.
- different sites about the Alaskan Malamute dog.  It sounds like I have a good chance to get one of these awesome dogs, though not sure if I can give it all the exercise and grooming it needs.  Since it's a $1000 registered, neutered dog that I could get for free I hate to pass it up. 

Alice the human.