Apr 27, 2011


I don't like taking medications for things unless absolutely necessary, and even then only for a short time. Unfortunately, I've been taking a mild dose of anti-depressant drugs for some years now and I would really like to get off of them.  I believe that I may not be here now if I hadn't taken them, and yet I don't want to take them for the rest of my life. I now am faced with having high cholesterol and my doctor really wanting me to go on statin drugs to lower it.  If I go on them I will likely never get off of them and this really bothers me.  It has been 2 years or more that the doctor has been pressuring me to go on them and me refusing and wanting to get it down with diet and exercise but the numbers have gone up instead of down.  I know I'm not doing enough with the diet & exercise thing and I must do more.  As much as I don't like taking any kind of meds, I must admit that I am wondering about some kind of diet supplements because I know that getting my weight down would probably make at least some difference. The most important thing for me to do is get off my computer, get off my butt and get moving!!! Walk, swim, ride my exercise bike... any of these would be a really good thing, I just don't seem to be able to motivate myself right now.


Well it's been an interesting day today. Among other things, I went to my Dr. appointment and the cel died just as I was going in. (Was only down 1 bar dang battery not good, only a month old). After the appointment I go to leave and the building decided to take me hostage!! Yup, going down 1 floor in elevator and it suddenly stops and nothing happens when I push any buttons. I said to myself "Self, I think we're stuck in the elevator" or something sort of like that. ;o) Thankfully the "Help" button worked and I got to talk to a guy and tell him what was happening and what city I was in, but not the address b'cuz I don't know it. I also told him my Dr.'s name and said to call there and get the address. Anyway, it took awhile but finally 2 repair guys turned up and broke me out of there. First time anything like that ever happened to me. After that I went and did a few hours volunteer work and am now home relaxing with a cat on my chest.

I'm not really sure how long it was... seemed like a long time but could only have been 30 - 45 minutes. Hey, could have been worse, there could have been some weird, smelly, freaky person in there with me. Haha. I sat down and read some ...of what I had been given (info on cholesterol) and then did some meditation, relaxation stuff. I have a mild issue with claustrophobia, but thankfully it didn't rear its ugly head today.

Thanks everyone!! I'm just really grateful this didn't happen to me a couple months ago, before I started 'doing the work' for the PTSD. I was so stressed out and coming apart at the seams that I might well have flipped right out. I was wondering why this happened to me, even when I was sitting there on the floor of the elevator I was wondering (I believe there is always a reason things happen, always something we are to learn) and finally I see what it well may be about. Maybe it's to show me just how far I've come in my healing, how I have returned to my 'pre-trauma' calm self. That makes it something to be grateful for.

Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

May you and yours have a basket full of joy and prosperity!!

Apr 2, 2011


~ Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is. ~ 
Gary Zukav

~ Loving ourselves is the miracle cure we are all looking for. ~ 
  Louise Hay