Jan 19, 2009

Dog Tales

Today Mom 'Bean took me woof her in the truck. She planned to take me fur a walk at the dog park again by about 3:30pm. I waited fur her and she came out around 12:30. We drove a few blocks to Tim Horton's where she got herself some food to eat fur lunch, then went to where she could let me out fur a pee. Wheeew... the sure felt good! Then we went back to The Centre and she went back in again. Apparently she had a board meeting, and there was a class before the meeting, so she took the class and did the meeting. Woof all that, it was well after 4pm by the time she got out of there and it was getting dark already. She texted Wendy to let her know she was finally free, Wendy & Shadow were going to meet us at the dog park. Wendy texted back that she had company so couldn't go walking woof us. So instead, Mom went to WalMart to get passport piktures taken of her... and to the dollar store to get felt things fur under furniture on our nice new laminate floors. Then we came home. I was sad we didn't get to go to the park, but nuffing I can do about that.

Mom & Wendy, & Cyndy all have been noticing I've lost lots of weight. I think I look good, but Mom & Wendy think I'm a bit too thin now and don't know why I'm loosing weight. They want to be sure I'm not sick or something. Mom always free feeds me so I have lots to eat, but I just haven't felt so much like eating lately. I don't know why, I'm not taking Anoretix or anything like that, just not feeling so much like eating my dog food lately. I would love to eat Mom's hooman food tho, if she'd let me have more of it. Mom got me some dewormer meds, just in case, so this is day 2 of her giving me special raw meet balls woof my pills in 'em. Arf, arf, arf. I loves my raw meet and it's been awhile since Mom has given me any. She promises that if/when we gets rich she will feed me a 100% raw diet. I'd like that, and it would be good fur my health too.

Have yurself a WOOFENDERFUL day!!!

Jan 16, 2009

Feetsaball at the Dog Park.

Today Mom & I met our friends Wendy & Steel up at the dog park. We started out walking up one side, then walked along the back end til we got to the far back corner (we are blessed to have a big dog park) where we found some dogs playin' feetsaball. The had a man throwing the feetsaball fur them and they'd run after it. Steel really liked that idea, so joined right in. I never rand after the ball as much as some of the others, like Steel and Max. Those two boys was crazy fur that ball. You can click on the piktures to make 'em bigger so you kin see 'em better if you like. Yup, these iz real dogs, not just cardboard displays lookin' like dogs.

Max, the "yeller dawg" is out in front here. The feetsaball is out in the snow.

Feetsaball's in the air and they're off!!

Max has the ball and Steel wants it. Some of us are just watchin' to see what happens here.
We're all moving so fast that we're a bit blurry to the hooman eye, but you get the idea.
Steel has the feetsaball, Max wants it back.
This is me on my Petting Break.
WoooHooo... the game is on again!! and Steel's got the feetsaball.
It's a Tug-O-War between Max & Steel!! Here's me nipping at Max. I don't know the name of the other dog watchin' in this pikture. We didn't have time fur exchanging names in the middle of a Feetsaball game.

Here we was all pretty sure Steel was about to loose the Tug-O-War cuz Max had a mouth full of the ball and Steel just had a wee bit of the end of it.
Yet somehow the game went on...
... and on.
We were all pretty excited, lots of barking and hoomans laughing and talking. We don't know how he managed to do it, but in the end, Steel ran away woof the feetsaball... the winner.
If you look close, you'll see the feetsaball in the air in this pikture, and everyone, specially Steel and Max are after it again. We would'a played like this all day but Wendy got a phone call and had to leave, so Mom & I went too.

A good time was had by all, dogs and hoomans alike. Tonight, Mom is in bed early woof a sore back and I'm in bed early cuz I'z tired. Good thing we have a laptop woof wireless internet so we can blog in bed. Arf, arf, arf.

Jan 14, 2009

Unlikely Friends

I tried to embed a video here but it didn't work. Mom said there must be something wrong woof the html stuff cuz I did it right. So all I can do is give you a path to follow over to the website where the video is. It is well worth the short trip there... AFTER you finish here. Bark!!

Watch this movie about an elephant and a dog. Then come back and tell me why people can't be more like animals, accepting and loving of others even though they are different.

Here is the path fur you to follow:
On Elephant Sanctuary, Unlikely Friends.

To HAVE peace, you first have to BE peace. Carry Peace in your heart!!
~Reba Jane Rottenweiler~

Jan 12, 2009

Random Barks

- Mom messed up last night cuz she was so tired, arf, arf, arf. She posted her weather report on MY blog instead of hers, so had to do it on hers too, and furgot to take it off mine.
- We think the temperatures here right now are pretty warm, at least compared to what we had a couple weeks ago. Summer time is too hot fur Mom & me, so we likes cooler weather.
- Mom got rid of our carpet in the living room and is getting laminate floors in. I think I'm going to have to learn to walk different cuz now I slip and slide when I go to run and bounce around inside the house.
- The new dog I told you about, Arf, lives on Mom's bed and I'm not allowed to play woof it, cuz Mom thinks I might rip it up in to little bits and rip its guts out, like I did woof her froggy slippers. Whoof!!
- If I went to the USA woof Mom when she goes this summer, would I need to get a immigration attorney, so I can have travel papers? Would I need a passport like Mom has to get?
- I must've been having a real good sleep last night cuz sometime during the night Mewsic sneeked past me to get to Mom's bed and sleep up on a pillow there. I'll have to find a way to stay awake all night.
- Mom put medicines in my ears today cuz they been itching me and she said I gots mites in 'em both. I had mites before too. Mom's had other dogs before me, but none of 'em ever had ear mites. I wonder why I get the ugly things.

Jan 11, 2009


The most recent temperature available is -3°C (26.6°F) at 11:00pm

(0°C = 32°F) (1 inch = 25.4 millimeter)

These are the temperatures for Sunday January 11

MAX TEMP : 2.7°C (36.86°F)
MIN TEMP : -6.7°C (19.94°F)

Sunshine, blue sky, clouds. Over all a beautiful afternoon.


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All temperatures quoted are copied from the weathernetwork.com unless otherwise stated.
All conversions are done online at http://www.onlineconversion.com/

Camera Critters

When Mom & I visited our friend Cyndi, Mom was given a new dog, a "baby Rottenweiler" Mom calls Arf. Our friend Dan was in Arizona and Mom showed him the new dog on web cam. He thought Arf was a real dog, arf arf arf. Its funny. Well, he is a real dog I guess, but a real stuffy dog, arf arf arf.

Meet Arf:

Visit Camera Critters, and other participants.

Jan 10, 2009

Home Security

In this day and age, we are unfortunately finding more and more, the need to have home security. With the drug and alcohol abuse, the poor economy, and whatever other reasons, the news is always full of stories about home invasions, breaking and entries, and other robberies. I am grateful that I have not experienced any of this first hand, and I believe that Reba has a lot to do with that. However, not everyone can have a rottweiler in their home, so in this kind of situation, they must look at other options. This evening I read about a pretty good sounding system that is reasonably priced to buy and install, and it protects your home, 24/7. If I didn't have Reba in my life I would be looking further into purchasing something along these lines, and if things get any worse, I will anyways so Reba won't be the only security system I have.

Jan 3, 2009

My Daily Whine!

Tonight I waited in the truck while Mom was at the Centre doing her volunteer work. It sure takes a long time sometimes, but I loves going woof Mom so have to put up woof stuff like waiting sometimes. It would be kinda nice to have a coat or a sweater to wear... but I really don't like wearing them, so go figure. Arf, arf, arf. After the Centre, Mom almost furgot to go to the grocery store, but then remembered and got food and stuff like that fur herself and to take to the Centre fur the pot luck lunch tomorrow. No food fur me!! She said that's cuz there's already lots of food fur me at home, and she needed groceries cuz she's gonna work at eating more healthy than befur. When we got home Mom drove up and down our hill several times befur she parked the truck. She's trying to pack down some of the snow that's been getting deeper and deeper, and she's having a hard time driving up our hill, even in our truck woof 4 wheel drive and good tires. The snow usually packs down real good, but this year it's not packing too good, and it's icy under the snow so the truck deeps wanting to slide down the hill sideways. Silly truck. Then Mom carried all the groceries, the computer, her purse and camera bag, the plants she bought, all that into the house. Then put clothes into that big white machine what makes 'em all clean fur Mom to wear (don't know what that's all about. I think Mom should roll in something nice and smelly.) Mom had told Willy Billy, her friend she was talking to on the computer while at the Centre, that she'd look fur him and talk more when she got home... and she totally furgot to do that. I think Mom needs a memory upgrade. She furgets a lot of stuff.

Fun on the Lake

Woof Camera Critters, yur sposed to show photographs you took of critters. I hope it's okay I'm breaking the rules a bit. I didn't take these piktures, but I am in them. I am the Critter in 'em, folks. I am Reba Jane Rottenweiler. Welcome to my dog blog and my Camera Critters post.

Mom took me out today fur some fun. We didn't go to my dog park, but out onto the lake near our house. In the winter time it freezes real lots and people go out there and cut holes in the ice, then they stick stings (Mom calls them lines) through into the water and hope fishies will bite 'em and get pulled up onto the ice. Today people was driving on the lake woof their '4 wheelers' and 'dirt bikes', and later in the winter people will drive out there in cars and trucks, when the ice is frozen even thicker. Sometimes there are car races out on this lake. I hope they get good car insurance quote befur they drive out there, just in case they fall through the ice. Last winter, Mom & I drove out onto the lake just a little bit in our truck. Mom was very nervous driving on the lake, but just 'had' to do it so she could say she had, arf arf arf. Maybe we'll do it again this year and get better piktures fur you than we did last year.

Mom has to go now, so I gotta too. I'll be back real soon to finish this post. Bark!!

I'm Baaaaackkkkk. (arf, arf, arf)

Arriving we find lots of vehicles already there, some are in this pikture. You can see right out onto the lake.

Here I'm sayin' hello to some people out here skating.

Off to meet some other people who are headed into shore. They are dragging a thing behind them that they sit in to keep warm while they ice fish.

Come on, Mom. Hurry! There's even more people out here fur me to go say hi to and see what they're doin. Wanna see if they caught any of those ice fishies today.

Mom said it was too far to walk woof low boots on in deep snow, so we didn't walk out there, but Mom took piktures woof her zoom fur me. There is one of those '4 wheelers' I mentioned earlier.

These next 2 piktures are me, playin' in the snow.

Hey look what I found!! A frozen-over-again-ice-fishing-hole!

Time to head back to shore. Next time Mom better remember her mittens and hat, maybe a scarf too. (Unless yur the Lead Dog, the view never changes.)

Here I am getting close to land again... just on the edge of the lake. There's one of those 'dirt bike' things. I saw him ride in, and it sure would be fun to run woof him and see if I could out run that machine of his. It turned out he was kinda cute, so maybe I could've caught him fur Mom, arf arf arf.

Hi! Kin I have those mittens? My Mom's hands are getting cold so we gotta leave, but maybe if she had nice mittens we could stay longer and I could keep playing around.

Gee, more of those 'dirt bikes'.

Mom's calling me... gotta git into the truck and leave. Drat!

The road that leads away...