Sep 22, 2008

Mom's Trips to the US

As some of you might know, my Mom likes to go away fur a weekend in August, to the Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race. (It's a horse thing, Bark!) Anyway, we live in Canada and Omak is in Washington state, USA. Always before in all of history, we have had friendly boarders woof the USA, where you could go across the boarders from Canada into the states woof just yur drivers licence or birth certificate, or something like that to prove who you are and where you live. Now, the USA doesn't want to be so friendly anymore. They are making it so Candians have to get a passport to be able to go across the boarder into their country. People from the US can still come to Canada woofout a passport cuz Canadians are still friendly. I think that if Canadians have to have one of those to go to the US, then Americans should have to have one to come to Canada... but hey, I'm just a dog. Anyway, so Mom had to give it a lot of thought... is it worth the cost of having a passport just to go there fur 2 or 3 days, one weekend, out of a whole year. It costs lots of moneys to get a passport and they are only good fur a certain number of years, so she thinks it's kinda dumb. BUT she also does like getting away fur that weekend. So... I think Mom is going to get herself a passport soon.


More Random Barks

Hi... it's me again, hey, show else did you expect? It's my blog, arf arf arf.

Just thought I'd give you a few random barks so you know what Mom & Me are up to these days, and a few other things too.

- Mom started a new job at selling online advertising. She hasn't really started yet, but will this week.
- Hoomans wear Asgi shoes and dogs don't.
- Mom bought a new Book Store... it's a online store that has books to help hoomans improve their lives. She's real happy cuz it means lots to her to help peoples be happier and healthier.
- Mom has to give a speech in a contest tonight and she's not feeling ready to do it yet.
- Mom's got a bit of a headache again, so she's going to lay down fur a bit before she has to go out fur the rest of the day and evening.
- Mom's stupid cat is curled up woof Mom, cuz she knows I can't get to her right now. She still snarls and spits at me and runs away if I'm even in the same room fur a second.

Sep 17, 2008

Random Barks

- Woof Mom's new job I can go to work woof her. Sometimes she'll be making phone calls from our home, and sometimes visiting restaurants and stores, and I get to go woof her and wait in the truck 'til she has time to take me to the dog park.
- Some people think that these pills are the best fat burner. I'm just a dog, but think that trips to the dog park work best fur me; arf, arf, arf.
- Out cat, Mewsic, is still scared of me and she gets all hissy and spitty when I try to get near her. Stupid cat.
- The other day I went to sniff the parrot and think I almost got my nose bit. Stupid bird.
- With this wonderful warm, sunny weather we've been having, Mom & I get to go to the dog park more often than we did in the real hot summer time.
- Did I ever tell you I like going to the dog park?
- At the gas station where Mom gets the truck big drinks, they give me doggy cookies. I likes it there.

Great News

My hooman Mom is so excited 'bout a new job, a better way to buy me doggy cookies and maybe raw meet in the near future. This is what she said on her blog...

I'm really happy and excited to announce that I have just gotten a job/career/mission with a pay cheque. Haha. I have not had a paying job in many years because of the problems I have with my back and depression, but this one should work out. The owner of the company, Ray, goes to my Spiritual Centre and he knows I've got back problems and depression issues, and he's okay with that. On days I am in too much pain to get out and go on appointments, I can do phone work and emails... at home so I can do it laying down if need be, or work a bit and rest, work a bit and rest.

What I will be doing is helping to reduce the use of paper in advertising, while helping store & restuarant owners reduce the cost of their advertising and making it easier for the consumer to find information on products and sales. Want to know what a certain restaurant has on their menu, or for that days special? Traveling and want to find a good restaurant that serves steaks? or Chinese food? Go to your computer, or your cell phone that connects to the internet, and bring up Wa Laa... You click on the name of the town, look at the list of restaurants and choose which ones to take a closer look at. Simple as that. For other products,

I believe I will enjoy this work, be doing something good for the health of the planet, and help small business owners to save some money... all while enjoying myself. How's that for great?

I am grateful for this bundle of opportunities.

Sep 11, 2008

Random Barks

- The weather sure has been nice the last few days. It nice to have it back like it should be, all the rain gone fur now.
- Mom & I have gone to the dog park more this last week than we did in real hot or rainy weather.
- I love going to the dog park
- A few days ago, Mom broke one of the gates off the rack on the truck, so now she has to have it tied on there to keep me safe.
- If you like to travel, you can check out stuff at Barbados villa rentals.
- Dogs can't fly on planes woofout being locked into a cage and put away woof all the suitcases and stuff like that. Sound aweful!!

Sep 8, 2008


The last week or so, I've just been lazy and not doin' my bloggin'. That's not just cuz I'm 'on vacation', but also cuz Mom has been havin' headaches, so hasn't been into doin' as much bloggin' as usual on her own blog, never mind helping me woof mine. When she gets the headaches, and stiff neck what comes woof them, she likes to go lay down and sleep awhile. I understand this cuz I like layin' down and sleepin' lots too, arf arf arf. She doesn't like sounds either when she's feelin' like that. Good thing her wind chimes are hung in the living room where they're pretty but silent instead of outside in the breeze right now.

When Mom doesn't have the headaches, we've had some nice walks at the dog park this week, including yesterday. It was so nice, warm, sunny fur all us dogs and our hoomans to enjoy.

Don't worry, though, Mom is feelin' better the last couple days than she was fur awhile. Headaches are not something she gets often and she's not sure why she's gettin' them now, but there is a chance it's cuz she's shedding some fat from her body so maybe there's toxins running off leash in her body and causing her head to hurt. Just in case that's what it is, she's working at drinking more water. If they keep happenin' she'll go to her chiropractor and get him to crack her body, specially her neck, and make her better.

Well, she's got stuff she has to do today, and I go woof her every chance I get, so guess I better get us both off this computer so we can go do it. BARK!

Have a woofenderful day. Thanks fur comin' to visit... and come again soon.