Jun 24, 2008

Woofless Wednesday

In 2003, Mom 'Bean went to Smithers fur a vacation. That's where her mother, Nan, and all Nan's kids were born. It was Nan's 80th Birthday and a family reunion, so Mom and Nan drove up there together. It was the first time in a very long time since Mom had been back there, though in the '80s she used to go visit there a lot. That's where she met her real good friend, Judy, who lives in Nova Scotia... a long ways away from here. Anyway, while up there, they went to Mom 'Bean's cousin Janet's home in Hazelton. These pictures are of her garden.

Ooopss... I put lots o' words... but at least I didn't Woof!
Arf, arf, arf.


Jun 21, 2008

Camera Critters

Camera Critters is a Sunday Meme/Challenge that is all about animals/critters. Each week we post a photo, or photos, of an animal, then link back to the Camera Critters web site. We also go see what others who are taking part have posted.

I caught Mom 'Bean lookin' at these piktures of Shadow. She's been doing really well since he died, but I know she's missing him tonight. Lookin' at these piktures stirred things up fur Mom. So I'm givin' them to you folks so Mom won't have to look at 'em any more and be sad.

Fur new people here, look at the top of my side bar. Shadow's birth Mom lived woof Mom until she went to the Rainbow Bridge, her body was the first one in the Pet Cemetery here on the land where we live. Her name was Smoothedge and Mom 'Bean loved her whole bunches and big bag fulls. When she was pregnant, Mom played woof the kittens when they was still in Smoothedge's belly. Then she sat woof Smoothy while the kittens was born. This is all stuff I heard when I was grownin' up you see, cuz it was long time before I was born. Anyway, Smoothedge had 4 babies and Mom kept Shadow, named that cuz he always followed Mom around, even when his birth Mom was still woof them. So then, when Shadow was about 6 months old, Smoothedge got killed. Mom 'Bean loved her Shadow lots and lots, and he slept in her bed woof her every night. He was gonna be 17 years old on April 28 this year, but died on March 6 from kiddy knee failure... or somethin' like that.

So heeeerrreeee SHADOW!!

Ya, we know they're not real great piktures... and we don't care.


I Gotta Stay Home

Mom took the canopy off our truck yesterday... all by herself. A friend was going to help her build a rack fur the truck, but by the time she got over to their place it was too late. It took her longer than she thought to prepare the spot and then take the canopy off and all that stuff... then she had to shower cuz she was dripping woof sweat. So now the canopy is off but there's no rack on, so I can't go woof Mom cuz there's no way fur me to be safe in the back of the truck right now. I know Mom is tempted to take me in the cab woof her so we can go to the dog park, but I'm shedding real bad right now and Mom doesn't want the truck full of dog hair that will be hard to get out of there. So fur now, unless Mom comes up woof a good idea, I'm stuck at home. I'm NOT a happy dog when Mom goes somewhere woof out me.

Jun 20, 2008

Photo Hunters

About Photo Hunters, Photo Hunters Themes 2008

Whoof everyone. Today the theme for Photo Hunters is Water! Today I'm gonna show you some piktures of water in the Kootenays from when Mom and I went there last year. We sure wish we could go again, but this year Mom had to put a new clutch in the truck. Oh well, maybe next year!

These Canada Geese are on Fish Lake

This is the bridge on the one arm of Kootenay Lake where Nelson is. we drove across this bridge in and out of Nelson when we went to visit woof Claire and her friends Deborah Anne and Peter.

Happy Hunting everyone!!

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Jun 15, 2008

Camera Critters

Camera Critters is a Sunday Meme/Challenge that is all about animals/critters. Each week we post a photo, or photos, of an animal, then link back to the Camera Critters web site. We also go see what others who are taking part have posted.

Mom Malard Duck and her 10 babies, crossing a busy road. Cars stopped to let them cross safely.

Have a Woofenderful Day!!

Jun 13, 2008

Just Whoofin'

Mom took me to the dog park today and I got lots of time to play woof my doggy friends a bunch. Two days ago, we went to the dog park, but not fur very long. I met a handsome boy dog, a Doberman, and we wanted to play woof each other. Our moms walked together fur a short walk, then turned around and walked back. I really didn't want to get into the truck, and gave Mom a bit of a hard time fur awhile, but finally had to jump in before she got mad at me. Our moms want to walk together again and his mom said they go there about every day at 4:30, so we're gonna go at that time too soon. We were later than that today, but that's okay cuz I still had a great time.

Mom's having problems woof her laptop. It now has to be plugged in cuz the wireless thingy inside quit working last night. Mom's not happy 'bout that, but is glad she still has about a month of warranty left on it. So, we might be woofout the laptop fur a bit once she takes it in. We don't know how long it'll be tied up getting repairs. We sure hope it can be done in the same day.

Talk to you again soon.

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Jun 12, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Going on another trip in the truck woof Mom fur a week or two like we did last year is high up on my bucket list.
2. My favorite quote is "If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater. . . suggest that he wear a tail."; it's from Fran Lebowitz.
3. Wanting more doggy cookies inspired me to start blogging so I could blog fur money.
4. Strawberries are best eaten by Mom.
5. I was chasing this cat and it was laughing as we ran, then suddenly I was in the dog park playing woof some other dogs and we ran and ran through the trees and into the creak in the last dream I remember having.
6. The most enjoyable time to go for a walk is any time Mom takes me to the dog park to run and play woof my friends... who cares what the clock says.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleeping beside Mom's bed like I always do, tomorrow my plans include stayin' home in my run alone cuz Mom has to go to a meeting thing and can't take me cuz it's fur a long time and is 'sposed to be hot and Sunday, I want to go to church woof Mom, but she won't take me if it's hot so I'm hopin' it's cool and dry!

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