Aug 30, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 7

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Today, tnchick at Photo Hunters wants beautiful. I'll give her some beautiful, arf arf.

This is Day 7 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

Mom & I had plans to take some piktures of the overpass bridge today, but first we went to the park to take piktures of the 8 bridges there... and a bunch of flowers and other silly things. Soon, Mom had taken 199 piktures, yup, you read it right, one hundred and ninety nine piktures in the park... and suddenly her camera's remember card was all fulled up and Mom couldn't take any more piktures. So do you get the pikture here?? That's right, mine piktures didn't get tooken. So, these ones is from the Ark Hives again. Back in the Kootenays in 2007 again. This is just outside Nelson.

I guess it's a 'dog size' bridge, arf, arf, arf.

Mom thought this was a pretty impressive place woof all those rocks and plants and stuff.

This is the last day fur BRIDGING THE GAP. It was real fun playing woof all of you. I hope you keep coming to visit me. I have a cool idea fur another photo challenge, but Mom said not right now... soon though. So check back in a few weeks and see if I talk her into it yet.

Arf, arf, arf!!
Arfing is good medicine!!

Aug 28, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 6

This is Day 6 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

This first pikture is when we were driving across this bridge fur the very first time, on our way into Nelson, BC on our trip to the Kootenays in May 2007.

This slide show is bunches of more piktures of the bridge we crossed. I don't know if it has a name, but that's okay cuz it wouldn't come to you even if you did call it's name. It's a bridge, people, not a dog.

Have a woofenderful day!!

Bridging The Gap - Day 5

This is Day 5 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

Sometimes bridges must get scared, just like Mom's new cat. They hide, just like Mom's new cat hides from me. So, tonight I'm going to show you some hiding bridges. Bark!! I sniffed 'em out just fur you!!

This first pikture is to show you the creek that goes under the bridge, and the bottom of it, just so you know that these really are bridges, arf arf. If you big the pikture, you kin see something teal colored through the bush in the top right corner.

This is Mom's & my truck. It is parked on the hiding bridge, and it is the teal colored thing you saw through the bushes in the last pikture. It's hard to see the color of the truck in this pikture cuz it's parked in the shade to keep me comfortable. Yup, I'm in the back of the truck. If you big this pikture, you kin see me through the windshield. Look past all the crap stuff on the dash (no, it's not always like that), and you kin see the shape of my head between the bucket seets. If you can't see me very well, look in the rearview mirror.

See, told ya it was me!!

Now, more hiding bridges... two of 'em. There was only one before, but then they made the road wider last summer so had to put a second bridge in too. This is the new side.

This is the old side. Wait a minute. What else do I see?

Yup, figured so. It's another bridge, but this one isn't hiding. It's fur people and dogs to walk over. Mom and me went fur a walk woof Lyndi one time long time ago in dog years, and we walked over this 'foot' bridge.

This is the pretty lil bit in between the 2 hiding bridges.

I guess in that one pikture you got 3 bridges, a bit of one hiding bridge, lots of the other hiding bridge, and the foot bridge. Maybe I should say kitty bridges and the dog bridge standing right out there fur you to see easy, arf arf arf.

Doggy Disclaimer: I'z nice to kitties. I didn't even do nuthin' to make Mewsic cat hate me like this. Mom's still hoping that she'll learn to like me better. She's just new here and doesn't know me yet.


Aug 27, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 4

This is Day 2 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

In all this construction work there is a bridge... see it? When Mom & I were on our holiday last year we got stopped here and had to wait. Mom made good use of the time by takin' photos of the little water fall and these of the construction.
So... what are they constructing??

A newer and bigger bridge!!

Mom says we'll go back there and drive over the new bridge, soon as we can. Maybe next year.

Aug 26, 2008

Nothing Important

Iz making a post fur the Technorati spiders to find my blog and see it`s really mine. Arf, arf.

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Aug 25, 2008

Reba Tuesday

Welcome to this week's Ruby Tuesday, hosted my Mary the Teach at Work Of The Poet.

Mom met this dog one day when she went to get pellets fur keeping our home warm this coming winter. She furgets it's name, but it's a Boston Terrier. There's not many Boston Terriers around here, which might be a good thing cuz Mom totally loves 'em and maybe would've gotten one of them instead of me if there'd been one. Anyway, what makes this dog special, and what makes it a good fit fur Ruby Tuesday, is it's a RED color. They usually come in black and white, or some in brindle and white, some even woofout the white... but to get 'em in RED is very very rare.

NOTE: Some peoples have been calling me Ruby. I'm REBA.
Some peoples say "I like yur dog". I don't got a dog. I AM a dog.

Happy Reba Ruby Tuesday!

Aug 24, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 2

This is Day 2 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

I got these piktures from Mom's computer, that's where she keeps 'em. They is both from my favorite Dog Park. When you look at this first one, you gonna say, "That's a log, not a bridge." You will be right, and you will be wrong... arf, arf, arf. You see, sometimes peoples cross the creek by walking on these logs. That way they can walk on the other side woof their dogs, just fur something different fur a change.

Someone made a bridge kinda thing last year. They used logs and boards to make it woof, and it worked pretty good. In this pikute, friends on Mom & me are going across cuz we was all going fur a walk together. It was just logs here, but plywood got put on it too after awhile, and it make a pretty good bridge. Then this spring the water was real high and fast and it washed the bridge away... also some of the land and such. The creek is lots different now than it was before that.

See how happy I was that day? I'm always happy, but more when I'm at the dog park.

Today Mom took me to the Dog Park after she was finished at her Spiritual place. We walked 3 times around it. Mostly we walk 1 or 2 times around, but Mom felt okay walking today. It was cool out. She was feeling a bit sick all day and still is, but fur some reason felt pretty good at the dog park, so we just kept walking. Her back didn't even hurt her. The first one & a half times around she talked on the cell phone to Nan (her Mom), then finished the second time woof a lady and her 2 dogs. Then they left and she might have, but there's a cute guy that we've seen lots and they've said "hi" a bit, but she wanted to get a chance to see more of him. So, we had a nice 3rd time around... arf, arf, arf. I kept takin' his dogs ball and he kept havin' to hold me and take it out my mouth, so I got lots of attention from the guy, arf arf arf. But they had a nice talk I guess, and when him & his dog left, he asked Mom her name, said he was Eric, and they shook hands. He said something about he'd see us there again, but all hoomans say that kinda thing up there. This is the 3rd walk we got this week, now that my rack is painted and back on the truck so I can go along again.

Mom was going to take some new piktures at the dog park today, even carried her camera all around, but when she went to take some, she found she'd forgotten to put the memory card back in the camera, so couldn't take no piktures cuz internal memory is full. Grrrr. The card isn't in the computer, so she's not sure where it is... somewhere near the 'puter probably, but she'll have to hunt fur it.

{Streeeettttch!} I'm going to sleep now. See ya later!

Bridging The Gap - Day 1

This is Day 1 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

In May, 2007, Mom & I went to visit our friend Cam how lives in the Kootenays, & to meet our friend Claire who was visiting from Scotland. Before we left, we took a real nice long walk along the river, and up into the mountains. This kinda doesn't have a bridge, but hey, I'm a dog, what can I say.

This pikture shows a sign woof a bridge painted onto it. They were doin' their best to raise money to build the bridge.

This is where the bridge was going to be built. Cuz it's over a year now and we haven't been back since, I don't know if they got it built now or not... but I sure would like to know. I hopes we can get back there one time soon and see if it's done yet or not. This fall would be nice, or next spring would do too. All we needs is money fur gas!!

Here's a pikture of me. I know, I know, I's all blurry, but I wanted to show you anyway, cuz I was just a few feet from where the bridge is being built. I just moved real quick as Mom pushed the camera button... arf, arf, arf.

Hope you liked these pikture memories of mine.
See you all tomorrow too.

Reba Jane Rottenweiler: Bridging the Gap between K9 and Hooman kind.

Aug 23, 2008


Here's an announcement fur all of you Photo Hunters!!

Mom's hosting a new Photo Challenge at I Was Born2Cree8.

Bridge The Gap!

Check it out and come join in.

Aug 22, 2008

Reflections - Day 7 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Our current photo challenge is hosted by Quilly. Sunday through Saturday, the challenge is to post photos of Reflections! This is the last day. It has been woofenderful fun.

These are piktures Mom took August 19, 2007 at a small pond a short drive from here.

Did you remember to click on the piktures to get a better look at em?


An Introduction

Hello. I am new to this home I'm living in now, having been brought here against my will on August 7th. I've seen the dog and the human they call 'Mom' both working on this thing they call a computer, so thought I'd try my paw at it too. If I break it, so what. She'll just have to check out used cisco computer parts.

When Cyndi decided to bring me here, it scared me cuz I was happy there. I liked Cyndi and I was happy chasing the other cats and scaring the kitty poop out of them, mew. Power is good. Purrr. I didn't know what this home would be like or how much power I'd have here. At Cyndi's there were dogs, but none of them bothered me. I got along well with the birds and the ferrets so I knew where I stood there. Then Cyndi puts me in this little cage, into her truck, and off we go to my "new home". Oh kitty poop... now what?!

So, we get here and this human, errr, 'Mom', takes the cage with me in it, and the bag of food Cyndi brought along, and into the house. She takes me from the cage and shows me where my litter box and food are. Then she leaves. That's okay. It'll give me some time to check out the new digs and see what all I can see here. Ya, some time would be good. That was Thursday and I didn't see 'Mom' again, or any other human, until Sunday night. That was a bit longer than I'd had in mind. Good thing she left as much food and water fur me as she did. While she was gone I explored the house. There's other critters here, all in cages. A budgie bird (parakeet) and a bunny rabbit, and 5 chinchillas. I could easily smell the dog and tho I didn't see it, I knew it was just outside the back door all this time.

So, since then, I've been getting to know 'Mom'. She's okay I guess. I'm finding it easy to fool her into thinking I'm growing to like her. When I feel like it, and the monster dog is outside, I sit beside 'Mom' on the couch, or if she lays on her bed I go lay there with her. She seems to like these silly little things a lot. Hey, it's a small thing fur me to do to insure she continues to feed/water me, clean my litter box regularly, and give me those tasty little kitty treats she brought home fur me the other day.

One day the monster dog came into the back room where I spend all my time when she's in the house. I was laying there on my old computer chair (see photo above), minding my own business, and this monster comes in and sticks her nose into my face. I tell you, I flipped on her. I started smacking her about the head and ears with my paws and yowling. Then I jumped over the back of my chair and ran into a back corner and up onto the dresser where I was safe. The dog, while all this was happening, started to bark at me, can you imagine!! Then it went to chase me, but the human yelled at her so she wouldn't run after me. It worked. Now, every time she's in the house, I run & hide. When she goes out, I come out and smoooze the human... errr, I mean 'Mom'. Mew, mew, purrr.

Oh, by the way.... Cyndi called me Cremello.... 'Mom' calls me Mewsic, cuz the sounds I make (mews and purrrs) are 'music' to her ears.

Ooopppsss.... gotta run!!!

Reflections - Day 6 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Our current photo challenge is hosted by Quilly. Sunday through Saturday, the challenge is to post photos of Reflections!

A place to sit and reflect... while enjoying the reflections.

I got these piktures from Mom's ark hives, or something like that. She took 'em when she was on a trip to the Kootenays woof Nan (her Mom) is October 2006.

Aug 21, 2008

Random Barks

- today Mom took me fur my first ride in the truck since she painted my rack. It sure was nice, but she furgot to open the sliding window so I could stick my head into the cab.

- Mom picked up a bunch of windows and put 'em into the back of the truck, so there was no room in there fur me. I thought fur a bit I was goin' to have a problem, but then Mom put me into the cab woof her. This is the very first time she's ever let me ride inside woof her. Well, wait a minute. There was 2 times before when it was raining and she came out of somewhere to find me in the back of the cab cuz I'd crawled through the window. Cuz it was raining she let me stay inside. but this is the first time I gots to get in through the door. Mom told me not to get used to it, that this is a one time thing. Ya right. I'll stay out of the cab like she'll get taken on one of those Brazil vacation packages. Just wait. I'll find a way to get in there again, arf arf arf.

- Mom took me to the dog park today after we got the windows. We only got to go around one time, but it was sO good!! It's been too long since we were last there and I sure hope we get there again soon. Mom said likely tomorrow cuz she has to go in anyway.

- After running at the park I feel more like relaxing and takin' it easy tonight. Think maybe a nap is in order soon.

Reflections - Day 5

Our current photo challenge is hosted by Quilly. Sunday through Saturday, the challenge is to post photos of Reflections!

No, this is not where Mom & I live. It IS where Mom & I WISH we lived, arf, arf, arf. It's a home in the BX area of our city. There is a lot of lawn to mow, but if we lived here Mom could have her horse and it would mow the lawn... and fertilize it too. Arf, arf, arf.

Mom could sit on the picnic table and write while I played or laid near her. Stuff like that. We'd have our own park and we'd both get good exercise walkin' around our park every day.

Oh, and the house looks like it would be nice too.