Aug 30, 2009

Need Yur Opinion

Well, one I finally actually like the look of. Check this out free directory submission and let me know what you think of it. It might be a good way to get more people to come to my blog... errr, and Mom's too fur that matter. I want her to read it but she's been on the phone fur awhile talking to a lady she's know fur many years. You see, Mom was married a long long time ago, many dog lives ago in fact. Back in what I've heard referred to as the '70s. After they got divorced, he eventually met Nancy & they lived together fur lots of years, right up to when he died suddenly at age 44 (human years). Nancy & Mom knew each other before Everett met Nancy & they always liked each other so there never were hard feelings between them over him. Anyway, Nancy is now working on a history book fur the little town where she lived with Everett, and where Mom had lived as an early teenager. She wanted to know if Mom wanted her to put Mom's name in there as being married to Everett for those years... after all, she was a big part of his life once upon a time. So Mom said yes... and they chatted fur a long time 'bout many things. Now that she's off the phone, she's busy putting birds to bed fur the night. So woof her being busy I thought I'd ask yur opinion on this opportunity. Hey it might be good fur getting people to yur blog too. Thanks.

People Like ME!!

I just came on here to moderate comments and get rid of the spammer... grrrrr. Thought I'd say 'hi' to all you good people too while I'm here. Whoof!!

So... Mom took me to the dog park fur a nice walk the other day. Before we got there she had to run some errands and such, so we drove around town some. People seemed to like me even just riding in the truck woof Mom. There were some guys on a bench on one corner of the main drag and one guy says something to the other to make him look at me and they smiled lots. Then we were in a parking spot at the grocery store, just gonna leave, when a woman drives in beside us and laughs, telling Mom how cute I look. Others took second looks at me too. I guess it's cuz I'm so beautiful. Mom says it's cuz of the way I choose to ride. You see, I am tied (to keep me safe from falling out) into the rack on the back of the truck, there is a big tool box thing in there, and the back window slides open... so I gets up onto the tool box and lay there woof my head and front legs inside the cab and the rest of me outside on the tool box.

When we were in town she went to the Centre to do her volunteer work and was glad she'd done all she could on the computer at home cuz the puter there wasn't hooked back up yet from some changes made in the office. Rev. Dale was just putting it back together. Rather than waiting, Mom was able to just leave her flash drive there so he could print out the programs for Lorraine to put together. Today she will have to pick that up when at the Centre for Service so she can do the program fur next week. Then she's taking me back to the dog park fur another walk, then coffee woof our friend Wendy.

Aug 24, 2009

A Good Day!!

Today I got to go fur a ride in the truck and a walk in the dog park. I haven't been getting to go along woof Mom very often cuz it was so hot, and now that it's a bit cooler I got to go along. I really loved it. I got to visit woof other people and other dogs, and to run free and to drink from the creek. It was good fur Mom to walk to, though she brought some books along to work on at a picnic table so didn't walk as much as I think she should have. If she had been walking instead of sitting she would have avoided the 'Bible Thumper'. He walks his dog Lady up there and too often starts preaching to Mom, likely to other people too. Mom doesn't like that at all. She has her own beliefs and doesn't like having someone trying to shove their beliefs down her troat. He makes it hard fur her to get away woof out being rude. Today she finally asked him "Where do you think God is?" and he said everywhere. She said "So you mean God is in this picnic table, in this tree..." and he cut her off, as he always does, and said no, not there. She said "So then, you don't believe God is everywhere. You said he's everywhere and now you're saying everywhere except there, and there, and there." She hopes she gave him something to think about. He probably went straight home and is reading his Bible trying to find the answer or at least twist the words to somehow make him right that God is everywhere except.... Finally we just walked away saying Mom had a dinner date. Yup, she did... a dinner date at home woof herself and she didn't want to be later fur that, arf arf arf. I think Mom needs some new shoes so she can walk more and better woof me. Maybe some MBT shoes would be good. Her other ones are getting pretty worn out. Her back needs to have special care, including thingies in her shoes to support her feet better. She's been doing well this summer, feeling better than often.

Well, off to the great outdoors to go potty one last time, then off to my bed. Night night all you hoomans and critters alike.

Aug 23, 2009


Whoof!! How you all doin? All is good here in the land of critters. Mom found out this morning that the cat has tape worms cuz the cat threw up and there was a big wormy in it. YUCK!! Cat won't need any weight loss supplements woof those inside her eating all the food she swallows. Mom thought I might have wormies so she gave me raw meatballs woof Oil of Oregano in 'em and that seems to have worked cuz I've gained back some of the weight I'd lost, but it's not so easy woof a cat. As a dog I woof down the meatballs pretty much woofout even biting them. Cats iz so much more picky about food. The cat might eat a meatball... real slow, little bite by little bite, but would smell it first and woof the Oil of Oregano in it wouldn't even touch it. Looks like Mom will have to buy wormy pills fur the cat and that is not cheap. See, another good reason to get rid of that interloper and just have a dog. (ME). And to think that worm infested thing sometimes sneaks in and sleeps woof Mom in her bed. EWWWW!!!

Yesterday Mom bought a board woof a cushion on the back of it, special fur putting on yur knee to put yur laptop on, so now she can sit on the comfy chair and work or play on the laptop instead of sitting at her desk. This seems to make her happy. I get to use the old laptop that sits on the desk, so I stand beside the desk and type woof a stick in my mouth. One little key at a time. Not like Mom typing woof all her fingers at the same time. That's why my posts take longer than hers so don't get up as often. I gets tired and goes fur a nap. Nap?!! Sounds like a great idea. See you all later.

Oh... Thom told Mom he left me an award so guess I better get over there and pick it up. Yup, after my nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzz.......

Aug 6, 2009

A Dog Quote

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

- Groucho Marx -