Aug 30, 2009

People Like ME!!

I just came on here to moderate comments and get rid of the spammer... grrrrr. Thought I'd say 'hi' to all you good people too while I'm here. Whoof!!

So... Mom took me to the dog park fur a nice walk the other day. Before we got there she had to run some errands and such, so we drove around town some. People seemed to like me even just riding in the truck woof Mom. There were some guys on a bench on one corner of the main drag and one guy says something to the other to make him look at me and they smiled lots. Then we were in a parking spot at the grocery store, just gonna leave, when a woman drives in beside us and laughs, telling Mom how cute I look. Others took second looks at me too. I guess it's cuz I'm so beautiful. Mom says it's cuz of the way I choose to ride. You see, I am tied (to keep me safe from falling out) into the rack on the back of the truck, there is a big tool box thing in there, and the back window slides open... so I gets up onto the tool box and lay there woof my head and front legs inside the cab and the rest of me outside on the tool box.

When we were in town she went to the Centre to do her volunteer work and was glad she'd done all she could on the computer at home cuz the puter there wasn't hooked back up yet from some changes made in the office. Rev. Dale was just putting it back together. Rather than waiting, Mom was able to just leave her flash drive there so he could print out the programs for Lorraine to put together. Today she will have to pick that up when at the Centre for Service so she can do the program fur next week. Then she's taking me back to the dog park fur another walk, then coffee woof our friend Wendy.

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Thom said...

I think you are adorable my friend. I've got such a good picture of you riding in the back of the truck. Hope you have a great Sunday :) PS...ya got another award, (3 of 'em on my site waiting for ya Reba) :)