Aug 23, 2009


Whoof!! How you all doin? All is good here in the land of critters. Mom found out this morning that the cat has tape worms cuz the cat threw up and there was a big wormy in it. YUCK!! Cat won't need any weight loss supplements woof those inside her eating all the food she swallows. Mom thought I might have wormies so she gave me raw meatballs woof Oil of Oregano in 'em and that seems to have worked cuz I've gained back some of the weight I'd lost, but it's not so easy woof a cat. As a dog I woof down the meatballs pretty much woofout even biting them. Cats iz so much more picky about food. The cat might eat a meatball... real slow, little bite by little bite, but would smell it first and woof the Oil of Oregano in it wouldn't even touch it. Looks like Mom will have to buy wormy pills fur the cat and that is not cheap. See, another good reason to get rid of that interloper and just have a dog. (ME). And to think that worm infested thing sometimes sneaks in and sleeps woof Mom in her bed. EWWWW!!!

Yesterday Mom bought a board woof a cushion on the back of it, special fur putting on yur knee to put yur laptop on, so now she can sit on the comfy chair and work or play on the laptop instead of sitting at her desk. This seems to make her happy. I get to use the old laptop that sits on the desk, so I stand beside the desk and type woof a stick in my mouth. One little key at a time. Not like Mom typing woof all her fingers at the same time. That's why my posts take longer than hers so don't get up as often. I gets tired and goes fur a nap. Nap?!! Sounds like a great idea. See you all later.

Oh... Thom told Mom he left me an award so guess I better get over there and pick it up. Yup, after my nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzz.......


Quilly said...

Worms? Ewwww! I am so glad you ate your meatballs!

Thom said...

I'm with ya Reba...cats do nothing for me LOL I'd rather have a dog any day. Have a good nap and I hope you find the award. Lemme know if you don't :) Aloha my friend