Sep 21, 2009

Motorcycle Mom Update

Remember the day I told you 'bout the motorcycle Mom was looking at to buy? She told her friend Tuggy about it and when he was out there for something else he saw this and had a look at it fur Mom. He phoned and told her that it looked good. He told her the first thing to do is to sit on it and make sure it fits and feels comfortable. Mom has short legs so this can be a challenge fur her. So she did what he said and to stand it up she was on the very tips of her tippie toes. This means that she can't drive this bike safely cuz it's too tall fur her. She'll need to find one that is short, arf arf arf. I guess there's no point in getting her a motorcycle jack fur Christmas this year. (Not that I was going to anyway, arf arf arf.) Oh I'm such a funny dog!! Mom should post me on her "Laugh" posts this month on her blog.

"Stay Still While I Take Pictures"

Mom likes to take piktures of me and my friends at the dog park. She wants me to stand still and look pretty while she takes 'em. She says stuff like: "Stay Still While I Take Pictures". Well, this just doesn't happen unless she catches me unaware... arf, arf, arf. It's fun to drive her crazy and move just as she clicks the shutter. I guess we can say she doesn't get much order fulfillment... arf, arf, arf. I thought I'd show you a few piktures she took September 16th, last Wednesday.

This is Blu. He's a registered Black Russian (sounds like some kind of boozy drink, arf.) He has some kind of real long fancy name but his friends just call him Blu. Mom got lucky woof this shot.

I'm not the only one that does this to Mom. The dog was so small Mom got down to take the pick and it ran right under her.
Mom wood'a been happy if I hadn't moved my head. I was sniffing the little ankle biter. Cuz it was wet on it's body & dry on it's head it looked like a tiny lion dog, arf arf arf!!

Sep 12, 2009


Guess what I did today!! I went FISHING!! Yup, fur real fishies!! Mom wanted to learn to fish cuz she's had a fishing rod & a bit of tackle fur 2 years now, and has had a fishing license fur a long time too, but never got out cuz it's been sooooooo many years since she learned to fish (more years than I've been alive & I'm old fur a dog), and she couldn't really remember how to tie the hook on or if floats was needed or sinkers or both. So, today we drove out and picked up our friend Tuggy (he's called that cuz he drove and lived on Tug Boats fur 3 dogs lives - around 30 human years). Anyway, Tuggy went woof us to a lake called Pillar Lake and he helped Mom, then they both fished a lot off the bank, way far from each other so their lines wouldn't get tangled. I hung out woof Mom mostly and went to have a few short visits woof Tug. I tried to wander off a few times to find other stuff to do, but Mom would call me back each time. It was kinda nice hanging out around the lake. Kinda wish we'd done that when the weather was still real hot. Anyway, no fishies was caught so eventually we went down the road and sat at a picnic table fur awhile woof them talking, then drove back to the town where Tug lives and visited Mom's real long time friend Stacia. Tug knows Stacia & Lucky too. Then we drove Tug back home to his place and drove us home to our place. I think Mom really liked fishing & visiting woof her friends. I think we'll do it some more too.


I think I need the services of a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney. Mom 'Bean was walking down the street the other day and by accident saw a motorcycle she wants to buy. I want to find a way to stop her from having such a conveyance. If she has one of them she'll go all over the country woofout me cuz I can't safely ride on one of those. She would like to have one woof a side car fur me, or have a trike so she can have a place on the back of it fur me, and I'm not sure if I'd like that or not. She has ridden the back of lots of bikes but has never driven one, she hadn't even ridden one fur many years, not since our old friend Gil quit riding his BMW, then he died. Now this year she got to go on a ride and it's all back big time in her blood, she 'has' to ride and doesn't have anyone who can take her riding as often as she wants to go so thinks she has to have her own. This guy said she could make payments on his bike and take the bike home when it's paid fur. Mom's friend Tuggy thinks it would be a good bike fur Mom and said he'd go look at it woof her to make sure. I do think she's now kinda possibly maybe likely made up her mind to wait and save her money then buy one in the spring cuz she feels not good about debt and making payments. Guess time will tell.

See, this is evidence!! There's no place fur me to ride!!

She has to be stopped!!

Sep 11, 2009

Piktures of ME.

Whoof!! Hi my friends. It's been awhile since I got here, I've been busy. Ya, I know, you people think us dogs don't do much of anything but lay around and sleep and while I must admit I do a bit of that I do still do other things. I go fur rides in the truck woof Mom every chance I get and that's happening more now that the weather is cooled down a bit, and I go fur walks at the Dog Park when Mom can take me there. Lately I've even been thinking about how to do diet pill reviews woof out saying if I like 'em or don't like 'em. I wouldn't want my opinion to sway people after all. Arf, arf, arf.

So anyways, I promised Thom one day that I'd get Mom to take some photos of me the way I ride in the truck. Here they are. Arf, arf.