Sep 21, 2009

Motorcycle Mom Update

Remember the day I told you 'bout the motorcycle Mom was looking at to buy? She told her friend Tuggy about it and when he was out there for something else he saw this and had a look at it fur Mom. He phoned and told her that it looked good. He told her the first thing to do is to sit on it and make sure it fits and feels comfortable. Mom has short legs so this can be a challenge fur her. So she did what he said and to stand it up she was on the very tips of her tippie toes. This means that she can't drive this bike safely cuz it's too tall fur her. She'll need to find one that is short, arf arf arf. I guess there's no point in getting her a motorcycle jack fur Christmas this year. (Not that I was going to anyway, arf arf arf.) Oh I'm such a funny dog!! Mom should post me on her "Laugh" posts this month on her blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are a riot. LOL. Glad mom didn't get the bike. Safety first you funny girl. Oo Barbara Streisand might get mad. LOL