Oct 29, 2008

Thursday 13 (#4)


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This is only the 4th time this dog (that's me, whoof) has done a Thursday 13 post. I decided that since Mom 'Bean has lost of cliparts of dog houses fur me to use, I'd show you just a few of 'em. 13 of 'em in fact. Hey, this should be Friday 13, not Thursday 13, arf arf arf.












Halloween Bonus:

Dream Story

Today I had a doggy dream when I was sleeping outside in my dog house. In the dream I was walking along the creek up at my favorite dog park, and it was a warm summer day... so warm in fact that I was really happy to walk into the creek and lay down in the water. After awhile I got up and walked over to the Outer Banks of the creek. When I was there I sniffed around then started to dig in the dirt, and found a golden bone. I brought the bone back across the creek and put it into a big bag Mom was carrying.

The truth is that I never go very far into the water. I like to wade, but not to go deep and never walk all the way across the creek. The golden bone though... that could come true. Couldn't it? Arf, arf, arf. Aren't dreams funny?

Oct 28, 2008

Dog House is a Home

After Mom & Dan got back from the garbage dump, they did some yard work. It sure is nice of Dan to help Mom woof some of the big, hard stuff like this. I guess that's what friendship is about, bark. Anyway, they put some bricks down in my dog run, right at the base of the steps from the door to the ground. They're going to build a sidewalk, whatever that is. They only put a few down though cuz Dan told Mom that the stairs aren't right and that there should be a landing at the top of them, not just stairs up to the door, so Mom said "okay, lets put a landing there then." Dan agreed, but said not until Spring, that Mom has too much to do before snow already. So she agreed to wait 'til Spring, so said she won't put the sidewalk in until the steps are done. So they just moved all the small pile of bricks from where they were into my run so they're out of the way fur some other stuff Mom wants to do this week. She wants her travel trailer what can't travel moved up and parked right outside my run, and so has to move the last piece of old fence she just tore down. The bricks were against it, so had to be moved before the fence could be taken out and all that kind 'a stuff, arf arf. Life sure is a lot easier when yur a dog.

Anther thing Mom did was took the very old and worn down foam thingy out of my house, and she swept a lil bit of dirt and dog hair out of there... checked to make sure it was dry in there still. The roof is looking a lil ruff, so Mom wanted to make sure all was well. Guess that's what you call home insurance, arf arf arf. She insured my home, well, my dog house anyway, was good fur when I need to use it. She wants to put a new roof on it fur me as soon as she can, but said this roof will be okay 'til next year.

Can I Have Cheese Woof My Whine??

Today Mom left me home while she and Dan took a drive... whine. Oh ya, so the back of the truck, the place where I ride, was full of garbage and a old fridge, they could've fit me into the cab and took me along. This evening Mom went to town fur a couple things, including the first of 8 weeks of classes, studying The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures by Judge Thomas Troward. I think it must be a pretty hard class cuz everyone came out looking a little dazed, arf arf arf.

When Mom was in a store before we went to class, I was talking to a dog I know and she said that another dog we know is gonna have puppies. I bet she gets lots of unique baby gifts.

I wish we could go walking at the dog park every day, but I'm happy to at least get to go along fur the ride. Just to be near Mom 'Bean. Every time she gets in or out of the truck she takes a moment to pet me or even just to say a few words to let me know she won't be long.

Answers to some Old Questions

Have you ever wondered why some dogs bite??

And why cats scratch??

Still don't get it?? Need one more??

Now there should be no doubt.


Oct 27, 2008

Sores on my dog ears.

A few months ago, I had a sore spot on my left ear. Mom 'Bean thought that it looked like it could have been a pimple, but she didn't see it until I'd ripped it open and it was partly healed, so she couldn't bee sure. It healed up good, but there's a scar and a bit of a lump there. Now, Mom found another sore spot kinda like that one, and on the same ear. The first one was in the middle part of the ear, but this one is along the top edge and near the base. I don't really let Mom get a good look at these things, but she thinks this one could be a pimple too... mostly cuz she can't think of what else would give me a small sore like these. Then again, she doesn't even know if dogs can get zits. If this keeps up, maybe I should check out acne treatments (guess that means zit creams, arf arf arf).

Some To Do Goals

In an earlier post, I said Mom 'Bean has been doing some cleaning. She's cleaning in the house we live in, and in the yard. She picked up all my, ummm, errrr, how to say it nicely... ahhh, all my "evidence" from my dog run, and she picked up a bunch of other garbage in the yard. She now has a bunch of stuff piled up to take to the garbage dump tomorrow. She is planning to pigeon proof the shed to keep them birds out of there, then go in and clean it up cuz there's a LOT of pigeon 'evidence' in there. She said woof a job like that she won't need appetite suppressants! Guess that means it'll be real yucky, cuz not much makes Mom want to not eat, arf arf arf.

Mom has a real big "To Do" or "Goals" list fur the yard, but she can only do a little bit at a time and now woof winter on our door step, there's not much time left to get most of that done. She's working on making a brick sidewalk through my run, and a brick patio outside my run. When the shed is clean inside she'll move storage stuff from the lean-to to the shed, then take down the lean-to and have more nice yard. Then she'll move the travel trailer up top where I can keep an eye on it, and use it as a tack room fur her saddles and bridles and all that other horse stuff.

This past week our friend Dan helped Mom build a new fence line inside my dog run which made my run a lot smaller. They used some of the old fence to make the new one. Since them, Mom took out the rest of the old fence, and she's packed up a bunch of garbage that was in front of the shed, and did some pruning on the lilac trees that are out front (there's one in the back too). Stuff like that, then still does cleaning inside. We're feeling good about this. Pretty soon Mom'll feel good enough to invite people out here again.

Mom & Her Toys

Mom really likes playing woof her 'toys'. She has her cell phone, a PalmOne PDA, and other silly toys like these. Mom likes playing woof digital cameras, too. She has a good one, and wants to get a new one. Go figure. I don't like having my pikture taken, so I won't stand and pose fur her to take it, she has to get me by surprise when I'm busy playing woof other dogs at the dog park, or other times like that. Speaking of dog park, it's been too long since we were there... some time last week even. We went two times and the second time I was having fun and really really didn't want to leave, but Mom said we had to. Something about some silly appointment she had to get to. BARK.

Mom's Cleaning... Some

Whoof!!! Welcome to my dog blog. Sorry I haven't been here much lately. Mom's gotten into a cleaning phase so keeps me out in my dog run so I don't stop her from cleaning up our home. It got real messed up cuz Mom has lots of pain in her body and sometimes gets real sad and just goes to bed or veges on the computer. So it's a good thing really that she's got into cleaning in the house and in our yard, cuz this means she's feeling better again. When I'm inside woof Mom, I don't let her get work done, cuz I get excited and get in her way and make her pet me lots. So Mom sits on our home theater furniture while I sleep beside her. This old chair she has seems to be hurting her back, so she might have to give it away. She sure would like to buy a nice one instead of just getting freebies off the internet, arf arf arf.

Oct 18, 2008

Flies Bug Me

Twinkle twinkle,
Little fly
How I wish
You'd F off and die.
So many flying
In our home
Why don't you find
Another place to roam.
You are so irritating
You make me heave.
I really want you
All to just leave.

Reba Jane Rottenweiler
October 18, 2008

Mom sure would love to find the fly swatter she knows she has somewhere. The flies are really driving her crazy. She can't spray them cuz there's too many critters in the house that could get sick from it.


I'm not sure what Mom 'Bean is up to today. She went out into my run woof a shovel and started to dig a whole. I think it's fur a new fence post, but really not sure just what she's doin'. The ground is full of rocks, so the diggin' isn't easy fur her, so she didn't get very deep before she gave up. She went over to the fence on the far side and took the wire down from one panel of the fence that makes my dog run. The boards are still there, they can be gotten through easy enough though, I saw her go through. I walked up and looked, but didn't bother going over them cuz it would be a big jump fur me. After that, Mom pulled up lots of weeds and such, and moved some "garbage" or whatever she'd call it. Now she can get right through there, kinda like a path. So... what's up woof that?, I'm wondering. I guess I'll find out sooner or later. Fur now, I'll just have a nap on the living room floor. Ahhhh, the life of a dog. I never have to work hard like hoomans do.

Oct 16, 2008

Doggin' It

As a dog, I tend to remember a lot of stuff. Hey, in order to get buy, you have to remember where you left yur favorite bones, or where you left yur toys, and where yur hooman puts yur toys when she cleans the house. If you furget those things life just doesn't work so well. Humans have to remember more stuff than we do I guess, like Mom 'Bean has to remember to wake up in the morning, and that seems to be hard fur her most days. She also has to remember to feed all 11 of us critters that share her life. There are lots of other things she has to remember too. Unfortunately fur her, there are lots of things she furgets. Mom 'Bean has said before that she wishes she had a real good memory, like the computer memory, so she could just push a button and retrieve what she needs to know. Or maybe she if she had a good memory bank she could make deposits and withdrawls, arf. arf. arf.

Dogged Thoughts

Mom took me to a Toastmasters meeting woof her tonight. It was a special one where they met around a camp fire. I stayed in the truck in case the peoples was scared of big dogs, and so I wouldn't interrupt the meeting, but I got to listen and all that. I was so good and quiet that Mom was real happy woof me fur not barking.

I think maybe Mom could get me some toys to play woof fur when I have to wait in the truck fur her.

Doggy Babble

Just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive and well here. Mom's been taking me woof her in the truck most days, but we haven't gotten to the dog park in awhile. Seems we always run out of time before we can go there now that the days are so much shorter and getting dark so much earlier. We like long days better.

Sometime, while Mom is working on her computer, she watches TV too. Is a big old arm chair and a 27" console TV, both that she got fur free over the internet, classed as home theater seating? I guess it must be cuz she does watch movies and such.

Today Mom let me into the house and she went out into my run and did a bunch of cleaning up of my "evidence" and a bunch of weeds that's been growing there. She hasn't finished I see, there's still more weeds and "evidence" to be cleaned away, but it's looking lots better anyway. When she came into the house she got real mad at me and said I was a bad dog, then made me go back outside again. I don't know why... I mean, gee, all I did was entertain myself woof the bag of garbage. I ate some and dragged a bunch out over the carpet in the living room, and across the kitchen floor too. I mean, I had to get a good look and sniff at it all. And she got mad at me fur that. It's not like I ate her cat or her parrot, she should be glad about that.

Anyway, tonight I got to take over her body fur a bit so I can write this too you woof out trying to type woof my big paws. I think I should let her have her body back now though cuz I need her to open the door so I can go outside fur my last potty break before my cookie and bed. See you soon.

Oct 2, 2008

Random Barks

- Mom has a new-to-her set of 2 big arm chairs that you can put together and make a love seat. They're brown and she got 'em off Freecycle.
- One of Mom's big chairs is close to the parrot cage, so now the parrot comes out of the cage, onto the chair, and gets Mom to feed her little bits of what Mom's eating.
- Mom gives her apple cores to the rat and he loves them. When Mom asked Kashi's last owner if he likes fruit and veggies, they didn't know. Guess they never gave him any. Don't think they cleaned his cage much either, or ever gave him a bath.
- There's a sale on a thing called a pulse oximeter.

Cell Phone Boosters

As a dog, I don't really care about phones, even the cell phones so many people have now. Other dogs in the dog park wouldn't think I"m cooler cuz I have a cell phone clipped to my collar, or if someone called fur me when I was there walking or playing woof the other dogs. Cell phones are fur people. I am happy that my Mom has one. She doesn't use it a whole lot, never uses up all her minutes per month, but it's real good that she has it when she needs it. I like to make sure Mom is safe all the time and having a cell phone could be important if the truck broke or anything else bad happened. I want to make sure she can always have cell waves to make her call on too, so I would like to see her get a cell signal booster.

Getting Chilly Here.

We've been having some real nice, summer-like days here for most of September. The nights were lots cooler than summertime though. Earlier on, Mom had to light the pellet stove a couple times cuz it was so cool in the house and she had to be sure that it was warm enough fur the birds. Fur me, the cat, the rabbit, and the five chinchillas, she know we got fur so would be okay in the cool house, but concerned about the stupid birds. And her nose was cold. She can put more clothes on everywhere, but not on her nose and she hates a cold nose... arf, arf, arf. She likes to have a window open in her bedroom fur as long as she can 'til it gets real cold, so she heaps up lots of blankets onto her bed. When she first gets in she's cold fur a bit, but then it finally warms up and she's toasty. I think she should get some of those heated mattress pads, one fur her, one fur me and one fur each of those wimpy birds. That'd keep us all comfy and warm while we sleep. Bark!!

An Animal Show

Things here at home are a real animal show lately. I mean, really. Bark!!!

It wasn't enough that Mom had me, a rabbit, a budgie bird and 5 chinchillas, but at the start of the summer she brought home a parrot and they talk to each other. "Pretty bird", "Pretty bird", back and forth it goes. Sheeeesh, she's not that pretty. Then in August, she lets our friend Cyndi bring a cat over and drop it off here so it wouldn't have to go to the SPCA animal shelter and live in a little cage 'n all this other crud. It loves Mom, but spits and snarls at me, threatening me woof her claws. That made 10 of us critters living here in the house woof Mom. That should be enough. Should, ya.

About a week and a half ago, Mom got a delivery here. Two ringneck doves. Then a day or two later, another delivery. A rat!! A white RAT!!! For pete sake, what's next?? Yesterday, Mom got a visit from Shannon, then when I came in I noticed the 2 doves are gone now. She said she liked 'em but the cage was too small fur them so she gave 'em away so they can have a bigger cage and a better life. If it was spring instead of fall, I think she'd have made them a nice home out in our shed, but right now, woof winter coming on, I think the thought of frozen water dishes and trecks through the snow to look after 'em made a big difference. Does this mean Mom is getting old??

Oh ya, she keeps taking the rat, Kashi, out of the cage and letting the icky thing crawl around on her shoulders and in her hair and such. YUCK! I mean, it's a freaking RAT folks!!

Here, people... come here!!

Being as I'm a dog, and a very intelligent one at that, when I want to find a people, or anything else, I just start sniffing around to catch a scent to follow. You hoomans have to do it differently, though, so something that helps is to use a people finder thing. You have to have the person's name and it helps if you have the name of the town and state/province where they live, then you can hit a button and WHOOF, you get their phone number. Or so I've read any way... arf, arf, arf.

Fall Change Over

All summer I've ridden in the back of Mom's truck inside a rack she got built to keep me safe in the truck while keeping me cool as possible in the hot summer time. I like that, and I like that I can stick my head through the window into the cab of the truck and visit woof Mom while we drive. Now that the hot weather is over 'til next year, Mom & our friend Dan took the rack off and put the canopy back on again. This keeps me more protected from wind, rain, snow, and cold like that. I don't like that the front window doesn't open, so I can't put my head through it into the cab. I have to ride all alone back there woof the canopy on. Oh well, I still would rather go woof Mom in the truck than stay home while she goes woofout me. Woof the way the weather has been and then the way it changed today, I think they picked a purrrrfect time to make the change over. Now she needs to get her winter wheels on and put the summer ones away again.