Oct 27, 2008

Some To Do Goals

In an earlier post, I said Mom 'Bean has been doing some cleaning. She's cleaning in the house we live in, and in the yard. She picked up all my, ummm, errrr, how to say it nicely... ahhh, all my "evidence" from my dog run, and she picked up a bunch of other garbage in the yard. She now has a bunch of stuff piled up to take to the garbage dump tomorrow. She is planning to pigeon proof the shed to keep them birds out of there, then go in and clean it up cuz there's a LOT of pigeon 'evidence' in there. She said woof a job like that she won't need appetite suppressants! Guess that means it'll be real yucky, cuz not much makes Mom want to not eat, arf arf arf.

Mom has a real big "To Do" or "Goals" list fur the yard, but she can only do a little bit at a time and now woof winter on our door step, there's not much time left to get most of that done. She's working on making a brick sidewalk through my run, and a brick patio outside my run. When the shed is clean inside she'll move storage stuff from the lean-to to the shed, then take down the lean-to and have more nice yard. Then she'll move the travel trailer up top where I can keep an eye on it, and use it as a tack room fur her saddles and bridles and all that other horse stuff.

This past week our friend Dan helped Mom build a new fence line inside my dog run which made my run a lot smaller. They used some of the old fence to make the new one. Since them, Mom took out the rest of the old fence, and she's packed up a bunch of garbage that was in front of the shed, and did some pruning on the lilac trees that are out front (there's one in the back too). Stuff like that, then still does cleaning inside. We're feeling good about this. Pretty soon Mom'll feel good enough to invite people out here again.

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