Oct 27, 2008

Mom's Cleaning... Some

Whoof!!! Welcome to my dog blog. Sorry I haven't been here much lately. Mom's gotten into a cleaning phase so keeps me out in my dog run so I don't stop her from cleaning up our home. It got real messed up cuz Mom has lots of pain in her body and sometimes gets real sad and just goes to bed or veges on the computer. So it's a good thing really that she's got into cleaning in the house and in our yard, cuz this means she's feeling better again. When I'm inside woof Mom, I don't let her get work done, cuz I get excited and get in her way and make her pet me lots. So Mom sits on our home theater furniture while I sleep beside her. This old chair she has seems to be hurting her back, so she might have to give it away. She sure would like to buy a nice one instead of just getting freebies off the internet, arf arf arf.

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