Oct 2, 2008

Getting Chilly Here.

We've been having some real nice, summer-like days here for most of September. The nights were lots cooler than summertime though. Earlier on, Mom had to light the pellet stove a couple times cuz it was so cool in the house and she had to be sure that it was warm enough fur the birds. Fur me, the cat, the rabbit, and the five chinchillas, she know we got fur so would be okay in the cool house, but concerned about the stupid birds. And her nose was cold. She can put more clothes on everywhere, but not on her nose and she hates a cold nose... arf, arf, arf. She likes to have a window open in her bedroom fur as long as she can 'til it gets real cold, so she heaps up lots of blankets onto her bed. When she first gets in she's cold fur a bit, but then it finally warms up and she's toasty. I think she should get some of those heated mattress pads, one fur her, one fur me and one fur each of those wimpy birds. That'd keep us all comfy and warm while we sleep. Bark!!

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