Oct 16, 2008

Doggy Babble

Just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive and well here. Mom's been taking me woof her in the truck most days, but we haven't gotten to the dog park in awhile. Seems we always run out of time before we can go there now that the days are so much shorter and getting dark so much earlier. We like long days better.

Sometime, while Mom is working on her computer, she watches TV too. Is a big old arm chair and a 27" console TV, both that she got fur free over the internet, classed as home theater seating? I guess it must be cuz she does watch movies and such.

Today Mom let me into the house and she went out into my run and did a bunch of cleaning up of my "evidence" and a bunch of weeds that's been growing there. She hasn't finished I see, there's still more weeds and "evidence" to be cleaned away, but it's looking lots better anyway. When she came into the house she got real mad at me and said I was a bad dog, then made me go back outside again. I don't know why... I mean, gee, all I did was entertain myself woof the bag of garbage. I ate some and dragged a bunch out over the carpet in the living room, and across the kitchen floor too. I mean, I had to get a good look and sniff at it all. And she got mad at me fur that. It's not like I ate her cat or her parrot, she should be glad about that.

Anyway, tonight I got to take over her body fur a bit so I can write this too you woof out trying to type woof my big paws. I think I should let her have her body back now though cuz I need her to open the door so I can go outside fur my last potty break before my cookie and bed. See you soon.

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