Jan 29, 2010

Dog Thoughts

Yesterday Mom's friend Pauline gave her 5 nice big bones fur Mom to give to me. I think that sure is nice of Pauline to think of me when they were getting their beef into their freezer. Mom gave me a big bone last night and I'm not really feeling too good lately so I didn't even eat the meat off of it, never mind chew the bone. Mom is really surprised cuz I usually love my bones.

A few other thoughts I want to share woof you:
- I been limping cuz I has a sore front leg. Mom thinks maybe it's cuz of Arther Itis or someone like that.
- If I meet anyone called Arther I'll bite him, just cuz.
- I have a new friend named Daisy. She's a Red Healer & her human is a friend of Mom's. He built a ramp fur me to get in & out of the truck woof. I refuse to use it.
- Mom thought the ramp would be good so I don't have to jump in & out woof my sore leg. HA!
- I think I might need a home insurance quote on my dog house. Mom's house is insured and mine isn't.
- Mom needs to go talk to her insurance agent about the house insurance and keeps furgetting.
- Mom has a date tonight and had to help me do this post before she went. Now she's gonna go shower & get ready to go out and leave me home alone (except fur the cat, rabbit, 4 chinchillas & 9 birds).

Jan 21, 2010

Note From Mom 'Bean

Well, just thought I'd tell you that Reba has been sleeping in the closet of my old bedroom lately instead of on her foamy at the foot of my bed. This is odd as she's always liked to sleep really close to me. I think it's possibly because it's much cooler back in that bedroom than it is in this room and maybe she finds it too warm here especially since she spends several hours each day out in her run & her dog house. Since I moved my bedroom to this new room, I put the chinchilla & rabbit cages all down in that room as it's better for them to be in the cooler area too. Reba has feather pillows on the floor in the closet so likely very comfortable for her again body. I know for sure she has no problems sleeping and needs no sleeping aid... this evening I got dressed up and went out for the evening without her even noticing I was going, then came home and she was still back there sleeping. I don't think she even missed me.

Jan 20, 2010


You know I am a very healthy dog and have only ever been sick one time. That was last year around this time when I had real hard time breathing and Mom thought she was going to loose me. She would have too but she took me to a veterinarian who gave me bunches of pills to take and charged Mom around $400 or more. Now Mom feeds me lots of raw meat to keep me healthy & strong. I don't have to take hemorrhoidal treatment, and Mom has never seen me drag my butt cuz I never have had that problem. It's a good thing that I'm so healthy & I'm real happy too.

With my being 11 years old, it's a 'given' that my time woof Mom is nearing it's end. I know that this scares Mom whenever she thinks about it... so she doesn't let herself think about it often. She knows the chances are real good that I will out live the 'Rottweiler life expectancy' of 8-12 years, and she knows that sooner or later I will have to go. Wendy's dogs Steel & Shadow both went last year and Wendy is still heart broken over that. She got a new German Shepherd pup recently, he's about 7 months old. She doesn't love him & hasn't bonded woof him, she feels he deserves better than her cuz he's a good dog. Tonight Mom & Wendy were talking about this again & again Mom said fur Wendy to give it time. Them Mom said that Wendy could just pretend fur now that she's baby sitting Brynx fur Mom and if she doesn't love him by the time I leave Earth, then Brynx will come here to live woof Mom. That way Mom won't be alone woofout a dog when I go, and she'll already like Brynx lots & he likes her so they can be pals. Mom thinks that Wendy will fall in love woof Brynx before then... and if she doesn't then Mom will be happy to bring him home, even tho she never has wanted a German Shepherd. She'll love the soul that is inside the body anyway.

I don't like to think of another dog being here instead of me, though I'm glad Mom wouldn't be alone and will have another dog to protect her & love her.

Wrinkle Dogs

While Mom 'Bean (fur newbies here that don't know, that's my hooman bean) was out at Toastmasters, I sneaked onto her computer and was "surfin' the net" just fur the fun of it. I came across a very odd type of dog, all full of wrinkles.

Wikipedia said: The Shar Pei, or Chinese Shar-Pei, is a breed of dog known for its distinctive features of deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue. The breed comes from China. The name (沙皮, pinyin: shā pí; English name probably derived from British spelling of the Cantonese equivalent, sā pèih) translates to "sand skin" and refers to the texture of its short, rough coat. As puppies, Shar Pei have numerous wrinkles, but as they mature, these wrinkles disappear as they "grow into their skin". Shar Pei were once named as one of the world's rarest dog breeds by Time magazine and the Guinness Book of World Records, and the American Kennel Club did not recognize the breed until 1991.

I say, they need anti wrinkle cream.

Hmmm, they are kinda cute you know. Maybe I should see if Mom will let me have one!

Trying my Paw at Writing

The other day I was listening to some guys talking. They were standing beside the truck while I was waiting fur Mom, and they were talking about getting balled, or something like that. It didn't make much sense to me... maybe cuz I'm a dog, or maybe cuz I'm a girl. Anyway, then one said something about loozing his hair. He wondered what causes hair loss? Well, now we're talking something this girl dog knows about! Warm weather causes hair loss. It's called SHEDDING, boys! It's a very natural part of being a dog or cat or chinchilla or rabbit.... or lots of other critters too. Oh, by the way, these guys had no hair on their heads so guess they must've just come back from a vacation to somewhere real hot!! Arf arf.

See Mom, yur not the only one who can write a story woof just a little 'prompt'.

Jan 16, 2010

About Mom

Mom has to come up with some major changes in her life real quick. A lady in her TOPS group makes really nice patchwork quilts and has said that whoever looses the most weight before April 1st will win one of her quilts. Mom wants this super bad, not that she needs it cuz she already has blankets and even a homemade patchwork quilt, but Doreen's quilts are special... or so Mom says. So in order fur her to experience some quick weight loss, and win the quilt, I'm going to have to take her fur more walks... and she has to go swimming more... and of course eat a little bit less. She has to eat less bread & more vegetables. So she doesn't love veggies, she still has to eat more of 'em and less of some other stuff to win that quilt.

Dog Perk

Today Mom had to go to where her our trike is being built fur us. It's coming along really well. It's been at the welders shop and now is almost ready to leave there & go back to Tuggy's place where he will do the rest of the work. They used some parts from a Datsun car and will need a part from a tractor. I think they should have used Ferrari parts, but that's just my opinion. At least the ugly Datsun & tractor parts will be hidden underneath where I will be riding.

I know this is not a good photo... even a dog can tell a good one from out of focus one, but Mom's camera didn't want to focus on it so we got what we got and I'm showing it to you anyway.

Tuggy drew this pikture of what he has in mind fur our trike. This is the dog rack on the back. It'll be like the box of the truck woof a rack on it, so like I ride in all summer anyway. It will be 4' wide by about 3', so plenty of room fur me to be comfortable.

Yup, having a trike built fur me is one nice perk to being my Mom's dog. A perk to being Tuggy's friend is that he bought me a pigs ear to chew. Yup, I'm one very spoiled dog and I deserve it all.

Dog Park

Last week Mom & I got out to the dog park a couple times. Two days in a row even. The first day I really enjoyed it, had loads of fun playing with the other dogs & visiting any human that would pet me. The second day though I wasn't really feeling all that good. I didn't tell Mom, but she noticed that I was grumpy with the other dogs at the dog park & that's just not like me. Wendy told Mom to give me Apple Cider Vinegar in my drinking water, but Mom tried that before & I wouldn't drink it, so Wendy said to give it to me as a pill then. Mom had some pills like that in the truck in her purse so she gave me one right away. Later when we were home Mom gave me some Oil Of Oregano in my raw meat. I don't know why I didn't feel great that day or which if either helped me, but I started feeling good again. Some days I think it would be nice if Mom & I had a couple treadmills at home so we could walk together without even going anywhere. Mostly though I like going to the dog park.