Jan 29, 2010

Dog Thoughts

Yesterday Mom's friend Pauline gave her 5 nice big bones fur Mom to give to me. I think that sure is nice of Pauline to think of me when they were getting their beef into their freezer. Mom gave me a big bone last night and I'm not really feeling too good lately so I didn't even eat the meat off of it, never mind chew the bone. Mom is really surprised cuz I usually love my bones.

A few other thoughts I want to share woof you:
- I been limping cuz I has a sore front leg. Mom thinks maybe it's cuz of Arther Itis or someone like that.
- If I meet anyone called Arther I'll bite him, just cuz.
- I have a new friend named Daisy. She's a Red Healer & her human is a friend of Mom's. He built a ramp fur me to get in & out of the truck woof. I refuse to use it.
- Mom thought the ramp would be good so I don't have to jump in & out woof my sore leg. HA!
- I think I might need a home insurance quote on my dog house. Mom's house is insured and mine isn't.
- Mom needs to go talk to her insurance agent about the house insurance and keeps furgetting.
- Mom has a date tonight and had to help me do this post before she went. Now she's gonna go shower & get ready to go out and leave me home alone (except fur the cat, rabbit, 4 chinchillas & 9 birds).

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