Jan 16, 2010

About Mom

Mom has to come up with some major changes in her life real quick. A lady in her TOPS group makes really nice patchwork quilts and has said that whoever looses the most weight before April 1st will win one of her quilts. Mom wants this super bad, not that she needs it cuz she already has blankets and even a homemade patchwork quilt, but Doreen's quilts are special... or so Mom says. So in order fur her to experience some quick weight loss, and win the quilt, I'm going to have to take her fur more walks... and she has to go swimming more... and of course eat a little bit less. She has to eat less bread & more vegetables. So she doesn't love veggies, she still has to eat more of 'em and less of some other stuff to win that quilt.

1 comment:

Thom said...

Well I hope she does Reba Jane. You stay on her to make sure she does it. Besides it's healthier for her as well :)