Jan 16, 2010

Dog Park

Last week Mom & I got out to the dog park a couple times. Two days in a row even. The first day I really enjoyed it, had loads of fun playing with the other dogs & visiting any human that would pet me. The second day though I wasn't really feeling all that good. I didn't tell Mom, but she noticed that I was grumpy with the other dogs at the dog park & that's just not like me. Wendy told Mom to give me Apple Cider Vinegar in my drinking water, but Mom tried that before & I wouldn't drink it, so Wendy said to give it to me as a pill then. Mom had some pills like that in the truck in her purse so she gave me one right away. Later when we were home Mom gave me some Oil Of Oregano in my raw meat. I don't know why I didn't feel great that day or which if either helped me, but I started feeling good again. Some days I think it would be nice if Mom & I had a couple treadmills at home so we could walk together without even going anywhere. Mostly though I like going to the dog park.

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