Jan 16, 2010

Dog Perk

Today Mom had to go to where her our trike is being built fur us. It's coming along really well. It's been at the welders shop and now is almost ready to leave there & go back to Tuggy's place where he will do the rest of the work. They used some parts from a Datsun car and will need a part from a tractor. I think they should have used Ferrari parts, but that's just my opinion. At least the ugly Datsun & tractor parts will be hidden underneath where I will be riding.

I know this is not a good photo... even a dog can tell a good one from out of focus one, but Mom's camera didn't want to focus on it so we got what we got and I'm showing it to you anyway.

Tuggy drew this pikture of what he has in mind fur our trike. This is the dog rack on the back. It'll be like the box of the truck woof a rack on it, so like I ride in all summer anyway. It will be 4' wide by about 3', so plenty of room fur me to be comfortable.

Yup, having a trike built fur me is one nice perk to being my Mom's dog. A perk to being Tuggy's friend is that he bought me a pigs ear to chew. Yup, I'm one very spoiled dog and I deserve it all.

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