May 28, 2011

Gardening Pleasures

I am interested in different aspects of personal health care and tend to do a lot of reading and research along these lines. I also need to loose weight. Blood sugars and cholesterol levels are important for me to be aware of and to keep in good control, so I usually eat with these things in mind. Oh, I have the odd slip, like a hamburger for lunch yesterday, but I don't allow myself to do that very often.  I haven't taken the time to research diet pills for women, but I read about better ways to garden and grow my own organic vegetables.  I have been eating my own freshly grown spinach for about 2-3 weeks now,  and lettuce and kale for the last week or so. I really enjoy growing, picking and eating my own food as it is so much fresher and healthier as well as flavorful than what we can buy in the stores. I am even thinking that it would be good to start growing my veggies in the house during the fall & winter months when I can't grow it outside.

Thinking About Cards

I'm thinki8ng that, being involved with 2 motorcycle riding clubs and the BC Interior chapter of Association for Injured Motorcyclists, it often would be good to have business cards.  For example, when I see classic motorcycles parked somewhere it would be good to be able to leave a card on the bike, letting the owner know about the BC Classic Motorcycle Club. I have been thinking about designing my own cards, then either printing them on my own printer or looking into getting professional business card printing.  I think likely the professionals would do a better job.

May 21, 2011

Gardening - Seeds

I am pretty new at gardening.  Last year I did grow a small garden that was fairly successful, more so than ever before, so I am encouraged to grow more this year.  I planted lots of seeds in the house this winter and had far more success with then too than what I have had in past years.  Usually after spending all that money on seeds & starting them in the house I still have to buy bedding plants as nothing I grew from seed was usable.  This year I have lots of plant to move outside and will be doing so this coming week, though with this unusually cold weather I think I will cover them at night for awhile, just to be sure.  I was just reading about saving my own seeds as I plan to cut down on the expense of buying them.  At $2-4 per package for just a few seeds, I think it will be a good idea to harvest seeds.  I just read about doing so for spinach seeds and see the plants have to be picked then hung in to dry.  I have a small metal building in my back yard, near the garden, that will likely be a good place to hang the spinach plants when the time comes to do so.  For now I am greatly enjoying the fresh spinach I pick for my salads or smoothies.  I might freeze some later if I don't eat it all first.  Today I picked a bunch of it to take to Mom when I go visit  her shortly.  She will use it in smoothies as well, and will cook some too as that is the way she enjoys it while I want mine raw.  My kale & peas are coming nicely and the mixed lettuce that I planted is ready for me to dig into now.  I love having my own fresh veggies and could/would only grow them in raised beds.

May 20, 2011

Feeling Really DOWN

I have been working very hard at getting my trike on the road by this weekend and now I must accept that it won't happen.  After my trike was destroyed in a crash I bought a new bike and used many parts off the old one to build another trike and it is all done and ready for the road except now there is a problem with the wiring so my lights are not working right and my trike can not be put on the road.  I am so very sad it's incredible.  I also was hoping a special friend of mine would make it over to visit for the weekend, though he has truck troubles so won't be coming. I am so sad that not even a nice everlon diamond knot would cheer me up and I really like sparkly jewelry.  It's so sunny and warm, just the weather I have been wishing for and yet I now wish it would rain since I can't go for a ride on my trike now.

May 7, 2011

Firefox 4

Today I upgraded my computer to Firefox 4.  It said it would be faster to load and easier to use.  Well, so far I agree that it is loading faster, so that is good.  However, it will take a while to get used to some of the changes.  I like that the tabs are now on the very top, though keep going to find them where they used to be out of habit. It took me a terribly long time to find where they moved the Refresh button to, and now that I know I still keep looking where it used to be. Many things have changed in Firefox and it will take me a bit of time to catch on to it all, but know I will soon enough.

Spell Check

It's a good thing that computers have spell check as I'm not the greatest speller.  I always did well in English class in school, though never that well in Spelling class.  I find that the English language has a lot of strange glitches in the way they spell things and even the little verses that we learned in school only apply in some cases.  For example:  'i'  before 'e' except after 'c' works in lots of cases though there are acceptations to that rule. I also find it odd that words that sound alike aren't spelled alike (though ends with 'oh' sound.... go also ends with 'oh' sound as does snow).  I find it irritating when people write things wrong due to lack of knowledge of grammar and such.  For example: when someone writes 'I looked out and saw there car drive up'.  It should be 'their', not there.  There means 'over there' and their (notice the i is not before the e even though there is no c.  See, broke that rule.) means belonging to a person or people. They're is another often misused word which is short form for 'they are'. Their/there/they're!!  I think most people need more than spell check on their computer, some could really use a merriam collegiate dictionary!

Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year to throw away the old and welcome in the new. I've been cleaning my home and my yard which is a huge job that is very necessary. Having been injured and sick for some time, I have let things go around here and it is feeling really great to be getting a few things done. I look forward to having a clean home and a pretty yard again. Being spring, it's also time for putting away winter clothes, donating what I don't want anymore, bringing out warm weather clothes and donating what doesn't fit any more. As well as clothing, shoes need to be checked over to see what is good and what needs to go. A good pair of shoes can cost what seems to be a lot, but will last longer than cheap ones and is better for your feet. As a diabetic, I know it is important to take good care of my feet. I also want new sandals for the upcoming summer. I've been wearing my old ones and they really need to be replaced this year.