May 20, 2011

Feeling Really DOWN

I have been working very hard at getting my trike on the road by this weekend and now I must accept that it won't happen.  After my trike was destroyed in a crash I bought a new bike and used many parts off the old one to build another trike and it is all done and ready for the road except now there is a problem with the wiring so my lights are not working right and my trike can not be put on the road.  I am so very sad it's incredible.  I also was hoping a special friend of mine would make it over to visit for the weekend, though he has truck troubles so won't be coming. I am so sad that not even a nice everlon diamond knot would cheer me up and I really like sparkly jewelry.  It's so sunny and warm, just the weather I have been wishing for and yet I now wish it would rain since I can't go for a ride on my trike now.

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