May 28, 2011

Gardening Pleasures

I am interested in different aspects of personal health care and tend to do a lot of reading and research along these lines. I also need to loose weight. Blood sugars and cholesterol levels are important for me to be aware of and to keep in good control, so I usually eat with these things in mind. Oh, I have the odd slip, like a hamburger for lunch yesterday, but I don't allow myself to do that very often.  I haven't taken the time to research diet pills for women, but I read about better ways to garden and grow my own organic vegetables.  I have been eating my own freshly grown spinach for about 2-3 weeks now,  and lettuce and kale for the last week or so. I really enjoy growing, picking and eating my own food as it is so much fresher and healthier as well as flavorful than what we can buy in the stores. I am even thinking that it would be good to start growing my veggies in the house during the fall & winter months when I can't grow it outside.

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