Sep 22, 2010

First Night of Fall

Crop circles,
dark circles
Out in grain fields;
Harvest Moon
Full on Fall night
Illumines farm yields.

Summer is over,
The hot weather
For this year now done;
Is it going to rain?
Be dark & grey?
Or will today there be sun?

Time does sure fly
Marked as we see
By the passing of seasons;
To do yard work,
Dig out jackets
There's good reasons.


I don't know bout you, but I love yo read.  I rarely ever leave home without a book or something to read, a Sudoku book, and often a book to write in.

What kind of things do I read?  TOPS magazine, spiritual based books, self-help type books, various different web sites where I can learn about things I am interested in, gardening info, etc, etc. I used to read 'story' books, though I haven't had time to do so in a long time.  I get the Toastmasters magazine and know I should read it, though usually don't manage to find the time.  Guess I better start making the time for it as my growth as a Toastmaster is important to me.

What do I not read?  Most magazines, male enhancement reviews, financial stuff, newspapers, horror books, any topics that don't affect my current life or hold interest for me.

Do you read?

My Future?

I have been thinking a lot about the why behind the crash as I feel there is always a purpose back of all things.  I may never actually know why the woman in the car & I were drawn together in this way, but I do know there is/was some reason.  Another thing I know is that I want to make something good come of this.  I have been thinking about how to do this, and I think it is going to involve A.I.M.CAN ( Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists of Canada).  Through their internet web site & a couple of local A.I.M. reps, learn more , about them & what I can do to help promote Motorcycle Awareness & Motorcycle Safety.  Too many cars hit and badly injure or kill people on motorcycles each year.  This has to change!!  With the cost of gasoline always going up, the fact that motorcycles use a lot less gas, and the fact that motorcycles & bicycles are so much healthier for the planet, we can only expect to see more & more of both these types of 'bikes' on our roads.  If cars "don't see" or don't respect motorcycles, don't expect it to be any safer for bicyclists, folks.  If you ride a bicycle you are in as much if not more danger than the person on a motorcycle.  I want to be part of changing this!! 


It is now very close to two weeks since I was in the accident.  I think I am healing quite well, though of course want to heal as fast as possible.  As I watch TV or surf the net, I see lots of ads for the best acne treatment, though have yet to see information on natural products that would help bones to heal faster.  Two weeks of packing this heavy thing around on my left arm and of having great pain whenever I try to do anything is enough and I so look forward to having this behind me.  The crash was September 10th, I don't see my Orthopedic Surgeon again until October 6th, though I was told at the hospital it would be 2 weeks, not 4.    Ah well.... 2 weeks have passed & 2 more weeks will pass too, then more until I will be cast free.

Sep 19, 2010


This is flipping ridiculous!!!   It used to be so easy to upload photos to Blogger and to put them into the order you wanted them.  Now there is a new system here since I last uploaded photos.  I sure hope they get rid of it soon.  I am NOT happy with this.  I had to upload 1 photo at a time (used to be 5), it took 10 times the amount of time it used to.  Also, the photos now are nearly impossible to put into order. 

HEY BLOGGER....  are you trying to get rid of long time bloggers here???? Do you want to frustrate us so much we find a new place to blog???  If so, you are on the right path!! 

Pics of Trike

I just couldn't wait to see hoe it felt!
My wonderful Reba Jane Rottenweiler after her first ride.... wanting her second one.  Yup, she got it.
Sad... this is after the crash.
Note the bent frame, bent forks, cracked fork, etc.

I can't seem to get this program to work right.  Blogger has made changes to the photo part of things, changing a simple, user friendly program that I have joyfully used for years into a problematic, not-user-friendly situation.  Very frustrating and most time wasting.  This may be the last photos I ever upload to either of my blogs.  Sad!

So I will have to explain here that the top photo was taken the day I bought the bike.

The story that goes with these photos can be found here.

Sep 18, 2010

Health Stuff

I don't like taking drugs of any kind, even choosing to keep pain meds to a minimum (yes, even now with a shattered wrist I take as little as possible).  However, I am very interested in more 'natural' types of supplements to help keep us healthy and our bodies functioning properly.  I sometimes read on the net abiut this kind of thing & today found reading about acetyl l carnitine benefits to be interesting.  Hey, I can use help with memory, & want to keep my heart as healthy as possible.  I am taking a combination of Turmeric & Bromelain for reducing swelling.  It's a bit hard on my stomach, but no where near as bad as anti-inflammatory drugs which I can not take.

Fall Of The Year

It's already 18 September, my sister Marcy's birthday.  The days are getting shorter so fast, last night dark by 7:30pm.  It's even dark in my house in the day time & I want to hibernate.  The local fairs are over & kids are all back in school, some thinking about gmat prep.  At Toastmasters, it is fall contest time - Humorous Speech Contest & Table Topics Contest.  As President of my club, I have much to do, though I would like to bow out, having this shattered wrist to deal with.  Doing things with one hand can be a challenge, and being a 2 hand typist, even typing is now a very time consuming, tedious affair.   Oh well, I committed & will follow through.  I would like to compete in the speech contest, though at this time am having a challenge thinking of something funny to talk about.  I know some day I will likely look back on the MVA I was in & laugh... but it's still a bit too fresh & I'm not sure yet how to tell the story in such a way as to make people laugh at it.  Maybe I can work on that.... hmmm.

Yes, Time is Flying.  It is already the last half of September, summer is well over, a week has already passed since my crash, & before we know it, we'll all be singing Merry Christmas.

Crashed Trike

One week ago yesterday I was in a Motor Vehicle Accident & my trike was totaled.  I was driving through town (smallish city), just returning from a most wonderful ride on my trike.  I am going to copy/paste part of something I wrote to my fellow members/friends of the BC Classic Motorcycle Club.

On Friday I went for a beautiful ride to Westbank.  My friend Tuggy was going down to visit Gloria, ex-wife #2 and still a good friend.  He invited me to ride along & meet Glo.  He was hoping to take her for her last ride.  Glo used to ride her own very nice bike... now she has ALS, a nasty disease that will take her life, yet she is still so possitive & upbeat... a lady to truly admire.  Glo had an awesome pair of custom made chaps.  They fit me perfectly & she gave them to me.  What an awesome gift for which I am so grateful.

After having lunch with Glo, Tuggy (drove a tug boat for many years, thus the name) & I left there about 3pm, stopped @ Princess Auto for a couple minutes then headed home.  Got to our city and as we came down hospital hill I was in the lead. We were north bound, lots of other traffic around, but the immediate lane in front of me was clear.... then it wasn't.  A blue car heading south made a left turn right in front of me.  There was no chance to stop.  I T-boned her, then flew off the trike hitting the car with my body.  The next moment of awareness, I was on the ground holding my left wrist, knowing it was broken.  I saw one of the trike mirrors laying not far away & glass (from the car?? did my body break the passenger side windows??).  I looked up & saw another car at the stop sign with damage to the driver's door. The blue car that caused all the trouble was stopped a ways down the side street & the slim blond was walking back, saying "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."  My "inner biker" came out to protect me and said some not very pretty F-words to her. 
(I would now kind of like to apologize  for being 'nasty', tho at the time it was some kind of survival mechanism kicking in.)

Several real nice people stopped to look after me, then firemen came... ambulance... cops.  A fireman went to check my helmet that had by this time been taken off me... to see what head trauma there may have been.  Later Tug told me a cop also checked my helmet... for DOT
(Department Of Transport approved).  Good thing I bought a good new DOT helmet this spring. 

I was taken to Hospital by ambulance.  They had hoped to get me into the OR Friday night but got a bigger emergency in so I had surgery about 10am Saturday.  They had to reconstruct my left wrist, putting in a metal plate & 9 screws to hold it all together.  Dang, I can think of better ways for a gal to get new jewelry!!!  I was released from hospital sometime around 11am today

 Yes, I was paying attention to my riding, not to men's running shorts or short men running or men running in shorts or any other scenario, and still I had no time to do anything but hit her. 

I know I am blessed to be alive and with just a shattered wrist.

Sep 7, 2010

Dogs in my Thoughts

I have been checking out ads on Kijiji and in the local news paper, checking out the dogs for sale  ads.  Not that I am looking to buy one just now, but just want to keep in 'the know' of what's out there.  I so miss my Reba Jane Rottenweiler.  I get pleasure out of playing with other people's dogs.  D has a wonderful Red Healer named Daisy.  She is such a sweet & wonderful dog who likes to give kisses as well as running & playing.  She loves riding on the quad or running along beside it.  Daisy & Reba played together a few different times.  I believe that, though she hasn't seen me in months, Daisy still remembered who I was when she got to see me again recently.  When D tells her something, she clearly understands what he said.  She is one very smart dog.  D wants to breed her to a Blue Healer next spring and to give me one of the puppies.  I know I would love it, yet Healers are so high energy and I am not, so don't think I could give the dog enough exercise.  D lives out far enough in the country that he can run her with the truck or the quad... I don't.  Ah well, time will  tell.