Sep 18, 2010

Crashed Trike

One week ago yesterday I was in a Motor Vehicle Accident & my trike was totaled.  I was driving through town (smallish city), just returning from a most wonderful ride on my trike.  I am going to copy/paste part of something I wrote to my fellow members/friends of the BC Classic Motorcycle Club.

On Friday I went for a beautiful ride to Westbank.  My friend Tuggy was going down to visit Gloria, ex-wife #2 and still a good friend.  He invited me to ride along & meet Glo.  He was hoping to take her for her last ride.  Glo used to ride her own very nice bike... now she has ALS, a nasty disease that will take her life, yet she is still so possitive & upbeat... a lady to truly admire.  Glo had an awesome pair of custom made chaps.  They fit me perfectly & she gave them to me.  What an awesome gift for which I am so grateful.

After having lunch with Glo, Tuggy (drove a tug boat for many years, thus the name) & I left there about 3pm, stopped @ Princess Auto for a couple minutes then headed home.  Got to our city and as we came down hospital hill I was in the lead. We were north bound, lots of other traffic around, but the immediate lane in front of me was clear.... then it wasn't.  A blue car heading south made a left turn right in front of me.  There was no chance to stop.  I T-boned her, then flew off the trike hitting the car with my body.  The next moment of awareness, I was on the ground holding my left wrist, knowing it was broken.  I saw one of the trike mirrors laying not far away & glass (from the car?? did my body break the passenger side windows??).  I looked up & saw another car at the stop sign with damage to the driver's door. The blue car that caused all the trouble was stopped a ways down the side street & the slim blond was walking back, saying "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."  My "inner biker" came out to protect me and said some not very pretty F-words to her. 
(I would now kind of like to apologize  for being 'nasty', tho at the time it was some kind of survival mechanism kicking in.)

Several real nice people stopped to look after me, then firemen came... ambulance... cops.  A fireman went to check my helmet that had by this time been taken off me... to see what head trauma there may have been.  Later Tug told me a cop also checked my helmet... for DOT
(Department Of Transport approved).  Good thing I bought a good new DOT helmet this spring. 

I was taken to Hospital by ambulance.  They had hoped to get me into the OR Friday night but got a bigger emergency in so I had surgery about 10am Saturday.  They had to reconstruct my left wrist, putting in a metal plate & 9 screws to hold it all together.  Dang, I can think of better ways for a gal to get new jewelry!!!  I was released from hospital sometime around 11am today

 Yes, I was paying attention to my riding, not to men's running shorts or short men running or men running in shorts or any other scenario, and still I had no time to do anything but hit her. 

I know I am blessed to be alive and with just a shattered wrist.

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