Jul 29, 2008

Woofless Wednesday

See Comment #1 please.

Happy Woofless Wednesday!!

Ruby Tuesday

The other day Mom 'Bean was over visiting Quilly. One of the posts she admired was called Ruby Tuesday, hosted my Mary the Teach at Work Of The Poet. Of course Mom told me about it and I checked it out too. This looks like it might be okay to do, so I will. Mom has lots of piktures woof red in 'em... I'll just help myself to some fur sharing woof you nice peoples and critters.

This is what Mom's been seeing in here rear view mirror of her truck lately Bags and bags of pellets. She should be seeing ME when she looks in that mirror!! Oh well, at least our home will be nice and warm when it's cold outside this coming winter.

A dogs version of The Local Meat Market... a good place to meet other dogs. Arf, arf, arf.

Here's some evidence fur me to use against Mom 'Bean if I should ever need to do so. Gotta love it, arf, arf, arf. So much fur her loosin' any weight.

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!!

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Jul 26, 2008

Do Dogs Burn??

I've never had a sunburn, but Mom 'Bean gets 'em, so I'm wondering if other dogs get burned like hoomans do. I don't think so, but maybe those kind that get their coats cut right off real short would get sunburned cuz their skin is bear. A sun burn would be grizzly. Arf!!

Today Mom was on the beach all day and got a sunburn. She isn't the kind that goes to the beach usually, but she went today cuz of the dragon boat races. She's going tomorrow too fur the whole day again. She makes me stay home while she goes out and does this stuff. I'd like to go to the beach to, ya know, but she said there's no one to look after me when she's in the boat and she can't take me in the boat. Not that they're out in the boat fur very long. They gets in the boat, paddles out to the start line, then when the horn honks they paddle like crazy fur a little over 2 minutes, then they cross the finish line and paddle back to shore. But Mom says I can't go and that I'm better off at home in my dog run. Poop!! Oh well, "Mother knows best", and at least she's not taking any of her other critters woof her either. Now that would really cheese me off! Hmmmm... speaking of cheese.... I think I'll go eat. Nite!

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Lately, my Mom 'Bean and I have both been getting a new kind of SPAM. No, not the kind you kin eat. That kind I'm sure I'd like... after all, I am a dog (for those of you who just don't 'get it'). What the new kind of spam is, is that they copy a few lines of text from yur post and paste it into the comment section on yur blog. I guess they want to have their link all over the internet to try building up their page rank. Or maybe they want us to follow the link to see who they are, and they'll give us a virus. I don't know. Iz a smart dog but can't read minds. Well anyway, whatever the reason is that they do this is just plain stupid. I mean, who would publish the post they leave. Mom has us both set on 'moderate' so that we haz to read 'em before we post 'em. This is cuz for awhile we waz getting a awful lot o' spam on our blogs. So, as soon as Mom 'Bean reads and sees that it's any kind of spam, she just rejects in and it's gone! Poof! It's gone even faster than a raw steak in my dog dish... and that's real fast!

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Jul 22, 2008

Parrot Poo

Mom is birdie sitting fur awhile, fur a friend of hers. You see, Lorraine is birdie sitting Rocko, a Patagonian Conure, fur her daughter Darlene while Darlene and her husband move from Alberta to BC this summer. Actually, that's how Mom got DW, a Ringneck Parrot. She was asked to birdie sit DW fur about 3 months, but was scared she'd fall in love woof the silly bird and not be happy to let it go back home, so Darlene said Mom can keep DW furever if she falls in love woof her, but if Mom ever wants to get rid of the bird even years from now, it goes back to Darlene. Mom agreed to this and we now have a parrot. So now, Lorraine was goin' away fur a few days and asked Mom if she could take Rocko 'til she got back, so home woof us came Rocko. Mom just can't seem to say no... 'specially to critters. So then Lorraine gets back from her trip and asks how Rocko is doing. Mom says great! So Lorraine says that we can keep him longer then. Sheeeeeesh!!! This rotten feather head is NOISY!! I'm surprised how well Mom is dealing woof all that loud noise!! But she is doing okay woof it and actually seems to like that bird brain. He's stayin' here until Mom goes to Omak Stampede the second weekend in August. She'll take Rocko and DW both to Lorraine's then when she comes home she'll pick up DW and bring her home too.

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Happy Homes Fur Dogs

Quilly left a message fur me that she found another blog kinda like mine, but it's done by 3 dogs. I went there today to have a look and there's lots more fur me to look at, but I saw this ribbon on the side board here and copied it so I could put it here on mine too, cuz I don't like the sound of puppy mills. Then Mom told me not to put it on my sidebar, but I could put it here so I can tell about it. Now I'll tell you why and what that's all about.

You see, there is a thing in the Universe called the Law Of Attraction. Whether you know about it or not and whether you believe in it or not, it works for you every time, all the time. It works on the words you think and the words you speak. It works on what you believe and what you think about. It's real big stuff and way too much fur one dog to explain, but it really is real. It has been scientifically proven.

So, for example, if you want to get rid of Puppy Mills and you post a big ribbon saying Stop Puppy Mills, it makes everyone that sees it think of Puppy Mills. The Law of Attraction hears everyone thinking about Puppy Mills and so it creates more of them. The Law of Attraction doesn't say "well, this is what these people do/don't want" before it creates or doesn't.... it just creates all the time and bases its creations on what we think about. This means that we have to change the way we think in order to change the situation. What is the opposite of the Puppy Mills? It's safe, loving homes with responsible people what do the best fur the animals in their care, keep them clean, well fed, lots of fresh water, keep 'em in good health. So now, shorten that to a few words... "Healthy Homes Fur Dogs" or "Happy Homes Fur Dogs". I thinks that all happy dogs are healthy dogs, tho all healthy dogs might not be happy, so I think I like "Happy Homes Fur Dogs" best.

Now what we do is think lots and lots about creating Happy Homes Fur Dogs. Don't give any more thoughts to what we don't want... just give lots of thoughts to what we DO WANT!! This is real important stuff, my friends!!!!

If Mom had a proper program to do it woof, I'd take that ribbon and change the words on it, then post that to my sideboard. I'd even find a way to put it on the sides of our truck so lots of people could see it.

If you have one of those programs, could you be so kind as to make me a new ribbon like the one above, but change the words to Happy Homes Fur Dogs and send it to me, or post it on yur bloggy and let me know it's there so I can go pick it up and bring it here. Thank you!!

Happy Homes Fur Dogs

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Shadow In Trouble

My doggie friend Shadow is in a lot of trouble right now, and so is his Mom. All of the peoples what know Shadow are so surprised and can't figure it out... me too. Shadow is such a nice and friendly dog who has never been aggressive woof anyone and suddenly he bit a lady the other day. He was out in the front yard woof his Mom, playin' around and visiting woof all the neighborhood people that walked by. No problems there. Then a new lady came along what doesn't live there, or at least Shadow's Mom has never seen her before, and suddenly he just ran up to her and bit her hard enough to break the skin on her bum/thigh area. He just bit her once and woof the little teeth at the front of his mouth, but that was bad enough. The lady got real mad and told Wendy, Shadow's mom, that she's going to sue her. Now Wendy is scared that Shadow could get taken to jail and maybe even given the death sentence fur that one little bite. No one knows why he did it.

Shadow is a German Shepard which is often called a Police Dog cuz policemen often use this breed of dog fur doing police work and catching criminals. Now Shadow is a criminal his self and might be put in pawcuffs and taken away. That would be very sad. He's not a bad dog, he just made one mistake, and for all anyone knows, maybe he had a good reason that he can't explain to peoples.

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Jul 10, 2008

Lookin' Fur Yur Opinion!


I just thought of something!! You kin give me and Mom some help! What color should Mom 'Bean paint my rack? Silver or the same color as the truck? People call the truck green... and that's how it's registered... a few have seen it woof the sun shining on it in a specific way and called it blue. Mom 'Bean says it's really Teal! Whatever color it really is, we likes it a lot. Orrrr, maybe a super shiny black!!

So... do you think we should paint it to match? Or to contrast? Paint it Teal, Silver or Shiny Black?

Place yur votes here!! Well, not here exactly... but in the Kind Critter Comments.

Arf, arf, arf!!

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Just Sayin'

All of a sudden my Mom is feeling more like doing things on the computer today. Fancy that! It's a cool, kinda stormy day woof some rain and wind. It's lots cooler today than it has been lately. I think that might be some of what is making Mom feel more like doing stuff on here. Anyway, so she's helping me to catch up on telling you some stuff... and helping me to earn doggy cookies. I loves doggy cookies. We even posted some piktures today, so be sure to scroll down and check 'em out. I'm in both of 'em.

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I Helped

On Tuesday Mom 'Bean took me to he Dragon Boat practice woof her. I stayed in the truck, safe in my rack, while Mom and the other peoples were out on the lake in the Dragon Boat. Then after they were back, Mom let me out of the truck fur awhile. Usually she doesn't do that, but fur some reason she just did this time. Most of the people were gone home but Mom had to talk to Val, the coach, fur a bit, so we went down to the Dragon. Val was there woof 2 other peoples, a man and woman who just joined the team so were getting a special lesson in the boat tied up to the dock. Then this woman tells Mom she's real scared of Rottweilers, actually all big dogs, but specially rotties, cuz one ripped her arm apart one time. Mom assured her that I am not like that dog was, that I'm a good dog, and that she would keep me away from the lady anyway. And she told her that if she ever wanted to face the fear, to just let Mom know and we'd help. So the lady said yes, and Mom made me go out on the real scary dock. It's plastic that floats and I didn't feel real safe on it. So anyway, I got close to the edge of the dock so the lady could reach out of the Dragon and touch me. I licked her hand then got away from the edge. This was real big for that lady. Mom was real proud of her fur being so brave and of me fur being such a good dog. Mom thinks it was God's idea fur me to get out of the truck and go down to help this lady woof getting over her fear, and that we'll help more another time, maybe on land where I can get closer to her.

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The Rack!!

The Rack - then and now.

Quilly asked to see a pikture of the rack on our truck and I got Mom to take some the other day. This is the one I like the best cuz I look the best in this one, arf arf arf. Behind me you will see the 2x2 pieces of wood Mom brought home, so maybe the gate will be done in wood. Now it's metal from the rack we had last year. This one will look good too once it's painted. Woof!

This is the rack from last year. We was traveling on a ferry boat when Mom took this pikture. The rack was new here, and over the summer I bent some of the side bars pretty bad. Using the metal was a good idea, just not fur an excited Rottweiler, arf arf arf.

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Jul 7, 2008

My New Rack - Part 2

Okay... so Mom gets the truck home woof the new rack on it that Wilson built. She tells Dan that Wilson built the rack and what a good job he did, and that all it needs is a gate on the back to keep me in safe. So then Dan came over to our house and put the gate on that he made fur my other rack last year. Dan and Mom made me a metal rack last year, but I busted it, but the gates are still good from it. So Dan built a wood frame type thingy onto the back of the rack Wilson built so he could attach those doors/gates to it. They don't fit quite right, but they work and that's the main thing.

Today Mom found some 2x2 pieces of wood leaning by a garbage dumpster so she brought a bunch of 'em home, tied to the rack so they wouldn't bother me. She's hoping Dan will build a new gate of wood fur my rack. Oh ya, she also got him to add a small roof onto it too to give me shade. It's only temporary and too small, but better than nothing. Mom wants to have a big roof on there fur me and have it so all she has to do if she needs it off fur hauling something is spin off some wing nuts and 'ta da!'

I'll get Mom to take some piktures to show all of you what my rack looks like. It still needs paint too, but we can show you piktures now and more when it's painted.

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Jul 6, 2008

My New Rack - Part 1

Whoof! It's been awhile since I posted anything here fur you all to read. Sorry 'bout that, but it's summer time and we're kinda busy here. And it's just plain too hot fur lots of stuff, like computer stuff.

Anyway, my Mom took the canopy off the truck, all by herself, one day awhile back. She was 'sposed to be getting a rack built on fur me fur the summer, but it didn't happen as she'd planned, so I was woofout anything on the truck to keep me safe and Mom won't let me go in the truck woofout safety things in place. So fur about 2 weeks I had to stay home when Mom went places. That did not make me a happy dog, so Mom wasn't happy either.

Then one night Mom went to Kelowna to visit her friends Wilson and Marlene, and Wilson built a wooden rack on Mom's truck fur me... all accept a gate at the back of it. He glued the wood, then screwed it all together and he did a very good job of it. It looks good and is solidly made too.

Thanks Wilson!!

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