Jul 16, 2011

My Triike

About 2 weeks ago I had some problems with my trike. While I was riding it, the frame broke!! There were 4 bars going from the motorcycle to the car axle and the metal on one of them broke while the welds on 2 others broke. I am so very grateful that the other bar held together. I did not want to take it back to the people who had built the trike for me since this was not the first problem I had with their work, so I took it to a fellow that does motor home repairs as well as lawn mowers and golf carts. He really seems to know his stuff and did a wonderful job not only repairing the breakage, but changing the frame somewhat to make it stronger and better so this does not happen again in future. He also did not like the way the back brakes were done, so he changed some on them too. So far I have no reason to complain about his work and every reason to be grateful he was available to do the job when I needed him. It's a good thing I am a member of some motorcycle groups, social riders getting together to enjoy their motorcycles, as that is how I met this man.

Jul 13, 2011


I've been trying to get photos of Indaway, but that is proving to be a challenge. He refuses to stay still long enough and always wants to come too close to the camera. I thought maybe if I fed him, but he kept moving while he ate too. So here are the best of some really poor photos of my dog.

Eye Glasses

As some of you will know, I ride a motorcycle with 3 wheels, also called a trike. I find it a great way to get around all summer long, though on rainy days like we are having this year, it's not quite so pleasant as it is on sunny days. In cooler months, I drive a pick-up truck which I love, though I find the trike is much easier on gas than the truck is, so that's a nice change for the summer as well as the trike being so much fun.

Recently I decided to get a new pair of eye glasses as it's been a number of years since I got the last pair and though the prescription hasn't changed much, the lenses were rather scratched so needed replacing. I must admit I would have loved to get a pair of prescription goggle glasses, they would be so great for riding the motorcycle and would protect my eyes from wind, bugs, etc. However, I really did need glasses for wearing all the time, not just for riding my bike. Maybe next time I can get both.

5 pounds gone

Last week when I went to my TOPS meeting, I registered a 5 pound loss. WOW, was I happy!! It was over a 3 week period, mind you, but still it was wonderful as it's been some time since I had a good loss. No, I did not take diet pills, but have been using more fiber in my foods. I also am eating less. I know I must move more in order to wear off the excess body fat, and to lower my cholesterol levels, but I just don't seem to be able to push myself enough. Speaking of pushing myself, I really must get going as I have a chiropractor appointment this after noon and want to be on time for it. Who knows, maybe I'll even get a short walk in somewhere along the line.


Our bodies need real, fresh food to maintain health.

~ Louise L. Hay


I love my new dog, Indaway... though have discovered that during the time I had no dog my life has changed more than I realized. I don't really have time for a dog anymore, or at least not during the summer months. I am, most days, off somewhere on my motorcycle rather than at home with a dog. I used to take Reba with me in the truck most everywhere I went year round, but now during the summer I no longer have the truck on the road, I change the insurance from the truck over to the trike (3 wheel motorcycle), so I can not take Indaway with me when I go. Also, some places I go do not allow dogs. For example, the end of this month I want to go to Rock Creek, BC to Boogie Bash, a motorcycle event where dogs and children are not allowed, just adult humans. I need a doggy sitter and the one I thought I had is no longer available to me. Sadly I may have to stay home that weekend instead of going off with friends to have a good time. Not only does this dog get in-da-way when I'm trying to do house or yard work, but it appears he also will get in-da-way of my life at times. As much as I do love Indaway, I am thinking about how wise it is to keep him.

Jul 6, 2011


You know how sometimes we have strange dreams that we can't understand? Well, I don't often remember my dreams, but from time to time I do. Imagine waking up and realizing you've been dreaming about shopping in stores and on the internet, looking for good laptops for students. Hey, I don't even have children and not even one of my pets is going to school, though the dog might have to go this fall. Even if I decided to take Indaway to dog obedience school, he would not need a computer. So yes... a strange dream indeed. Since I got Indaway, about 3 weeks ago, I've worked with him just a little bit and he is doing very well considering I don't do as much as I should with him. He is now just turned 7 months, so did have some knowledge before he got here, but he is learning the little bits I try to impart to him. Unfortunately, he does have a tendency to run off to play with other dogs, even if I am calling him to come back... so he will never be loose in the yard again. He is either in his pen or on a lead attached to me, or a chain in the front yard if I'm out there doing yard work and too busy to keep hold of him. I live on a very fast, busy highway and I have already lost too many animals to it, not taking a chance with another. That would be a night mare!!


I used a program to clean up my computer. It seems to have worked. It erased all my saved passwords and user IDs, so now I am having a real challenge getting back into many places. This is a challenge!! I had to reset my password to come here. Now it's done and I have to run off to town. I'm late!! Be Back later!!