Jul 13, 2011

Eye Glasses

As some of you will know, I ride a motorcycle with 3 wheels, also called a trike. I find it a great way to get around all summer long, though on rainy days like we are having this year, it's not quite so pleasant as it is on sunny days. In cooler months, I drive a pick-up truck which I love, though I find the trike is much easier on gas than the truck is, so that's a nice change for the summer as well as the trike being so much fun.

Recently I decided to get a new pair of eye glasses as it's been a number of years since I got the last pair and though the prescription hasn't changed much, the lenses were rather scratched so needed replacing. I must admit I would have loved to get a pair of prescription goggle glasses, they would be so great for riding the motorcycle and would protect my eyes from wind, bugs, etc. However, I really did need glasses for wearing all the time, not just for riding my bike. Maybe next time I can get both.

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