Jul 6, 2011


You know how sometimes we have strange dreams that we can't understand? Well, I don't often remember my dreams, but from time to time I do. Imagine waking up and realizing you've been dreaming about shopping in stores and on the internet, looking for good laptops for students. Hey, I don't even have children and not even one of my pets is going to school, though the dog might have to go this fall. Even if I decided to take Indaway to dog obedience school, he would not need a computer. So yes... a strange dream indeed. Since I got Indaway, about 3 weeks ago, I've worked with him just a little bit and he is doing very well considering I don't do as much as I should with him. He is now just turned 7 months, so did have some knowledge before he got here, but he is learning the little bits I try to impart to him. Unfortunately, he does have a tendency to run off to play with other dogs, even if I am calling him to come back... so he will never be loose in the yard again. He is either in his pen or on a lead attached to me, or a chain in the front yard if I'm out there doing yard work and too busy to keep hold of him. I live on a very fast, busy highway and I have already lost too many animals to it, not taking a chance with another. That would be a night mare!!

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