Jun 18, 2010

Dreams Come True

Fur a long time now, Mom 'Bean has wanted to fix up our yard... to make it look pretty and to be more useful and functional fur her. She loves the idea of having an outdoor fireplace where she can sit and enjoy the flames on summer nights. She would like to cook on it and to invite friends over to enjoy it too. Things can get pretty dry around here during our Okanagan summers, so there are strict laws around fires and such. Mom plans to call and find out about these laws, but isn't sure where to call and keeps getting busy woof other things and furgetting to look into this. She would like to have a store bought one or a homemade one built out of bricks. I think it will be real nice to sit out in the yard woof Mom and maybe some of her/our friends while all the other critters are in the house and we are enjoying a nice fire. Yup.... we'll keep dreamin' cuz, as a nice charm our friend DJ gave Mom said... Dreams Come True!

In the meantime, Mom has a garden this year planted in some old bath tubs that people were going to throw away and Mom brought them home instead of them going to the dump. Mom always wanted raised bed gardens and finally she has 'em. Yup, another dream come true.

Mom's Hair

A woman that Mom used to know told her one time that if she takes some kind of prenate elite prenatal vitamins, it will help her hair to be healthier and to grow better. Mom decided to try it and not only did it not help at all, but the man at the store told her it wouldn't. I guess they might help to grow healthier babies, but not to grow healthier hair on a human. Mom takes good care to tie her hair up and have it under her lid (biker name fur helmet) so that it doesn't get damaged and tied in knots by blowing in the wind. She did that when riding on the back of other people's bikes, and now when riding her own trike. Her hair is naturally curly so it gets dried out and split real easy and she has to make sure she takes good care of it if she wants to keep it long and pretty.


With the turn of the seasons and the weather finally warming up a bit, I am in full shed. Hey, it happens... I'm a dog. Mom can sweep the floor 10 times a day right now and still you will find black dog hair on the pale brown, almost blond, flooring. She said that her next dog will be a Golden Retriever cuz their hair won't show on her floors. Sheesh, what an insult, as if a GR could ever replace a Rottweiler! Shedding is actually one of those diets that work. You shed 10 pounds of old hair and you're suddenly 10 pounds lighter... arf, arf, arf.

"Hey Mom 'Bean... take me fur a ride on our trike and it will blow a lot of that old black hair out of my coat along the way then you won't have to sweep it up!"

Jun 11, 2010

Biker Dog!!

You wouldn't believe what I did yesterday if I just told you, so I'm gonna
show you instead!!

~Click on the piktures fur a bigger view~

Mom had been working on the trike, her & Tuggy had to get the back brakes working right before he'd let her take the trike home. Once that was done she took it fur a few spins around the yard, then I got to go fur my very first ever motorcycle ride!!
Notice how I'm smiling.

Here's me waiting fur Mom to take me fur another ride. Enough woof the piktures already, lets go!! I'm shedding and the wind blows some of that old dead hair out of my body.

Let's gooooo.....

I want to ride every day!! I really loved it and now know I was Born2Ride! Born 2 B a Biker Dog! Only one little problem just now. Mom doesn't have her full motorcycle license yet so isn't allowed to carry passengers and thinks the police would class me as a passenger even though I'm not a hooman been. We rode around in Tuggy's yard so the police men can't say anything cuz we're not on public property. (Maybe I need to invoke the Gulf Coast Jones Act on them... arf, arf, arf) Or maybe I just need to be patient until Mom can pack me legally. I'm not good at being a patient dog.

Do you think anyone will try to mess woof Mom's trike woof me in it??

Mom's gonna put some other piktures of me and her trike on her blog, I Was Born2Cree8. Go see them.

Jun 3, 2010

Mom's Struggle

Mom had a gain at TOPS last week, and another one this week. She has been having a hard times staying away from high fat & high sugar foods lately. Part of this is cuz she's been eating woof friends lately but she knows she can't blame that on them alone cuz she eats things when she's not woof friends too. She does volunteer work at the Food Bank so handles lots of stuff like doughnuts and cheese breads and cookies and muffins and she loves these kind of foods so much that it's hard not to eat some of it when she is allowed to have it and it's free. Well, she's allowed to have it as in the people there say it's okay so she snacks a bit while working. She's not allowed to have it from the point of view that 1. she's trying to loose weight, 2. she's diabetic, 3. she's got high cholesterol. She better smarten up or she'll have to go on drugs from her doctor for the cholesterol. She'd think about "order Phentermine" or some other thing like that to help woof the weight loss but she doesn't believe in that kind of thing. Guess she just needs to make herself get back to eating healthy and exercising.

New Family Member

I just found out that Mom 'Bean is now a great great aunt, this means that her mom (Nan as the family calls her) is a great great grandmother. Nan's eldest daughter Anne is the mother of Denny who is the father of Dustin, Nicole & Daniella. Dustin just became a father of a baby boy also named Dustin. Unfortunately, Mom will probably never get to meet Dustin Jr. cuz he lives in Mississippi and that's a very long way from where we live. Dustin used to live in Mississippi fur awhile, then moved back to Vancouver, BC cuz he couldn't get enough work there. Him & his 'gma' Anne will be going to meet the new baby, but he won't be able to live there & Dustin Jr. & his mother won't be able to come to Canada. Sad, but part of life and at least woof Dustin Sr. not there she (don't know her name) can go on woof her life and maybe be woof another man. She also can now get her figure back. This dog thinks that before now not even the best weight loss pills that work would have helped to get rid of that belly... but then what do I know, I'm only a dog and never had pups of my own.

Jun 2, 2010

Sleep Over Party

My hooman friend Tuggy doesn't have car insurance cuz he doesn't have a car. He rides a motor cycle woof 3 wheels, called a trike. A big red Harley trike to be exact. It's not quite like Mom's trike, but they both have 3 wheels. Tonight Tuggy phoned Mom and asked if he could spend the night here cuz it's raining real hard and he didn't want to ride all the way out to his place, a half hour past our place. Mom said he could stay here but has to sleep woof ME!!! I likes that cuz he tastes good when I lick his face. Arf, arf. arf. He pets me lots and likes me lots so I likes him. We're gonna have a sleep over party. I'm going to get the dog cookies fur us to eat. See you later.

Laying In Wait

Just layin' here waiting fur Mom 'Bean to get my dinner ready fur me. I eat raw meat and sometimes Mom furgets to take some out of the freezer to let it thaw so I can eat it. She knows she could give it all to me just like that and let me gnaw on it like I do on bones, though she only gives me half of one of those big chunks at a time. If she gives the whole thing to me at once I throw some of it back up again after I woof it all down in .5 of a second. As I lay here, the TV is on a channel where it tells Mom what's on fur her to watch. They just showed a ad fur an exercise machine, one fur life insurance, and some other dumb ones too. Now it's time fur her to turn the channel to 7 and watch Criminal Minds. I think this dog will go read a book or do some online stuff... ruff ruff.