Jun 2, 2010

Laying In Wait

Just layin' here waiting fur Mom 'Bean to get my dinner ready fur me. I eat raw meat and sometimes Mom furgets to take some out of the freezer to let it thaw so I can eat it. She knows she could give it all to me just like that and let me gnaw on it like I do on bones, though she only gives me half of one of those big chunks at a time. If she gives the whole thing to me at once I throw some of it back up again after I woof it all down in .5 of a second. As I lay here, the TV is on a channel where it tells Mom what's on fur her to watch. They just showed a ad fur an exercise machine, one fur life insurance, and some other dumb ones too. Now it's time fur her to turn the channel to 7 and watch Criminal Minds. I think this dog will go read a book or do some online stuff... ruff ruff.

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