Jun 11, 2010

Biker Dog!!

You wouldn't believe what I did yesterday if I just told you, so I'm gonna
show you instead!!

~Click on the piktures fur a bigger view~

Mom had been working on the trike, her & Tuggy had to get the back brakes working right before he'd let her take the trike home. Once that was done she took it fur a few spins around the yard, then I got to go fur my very first ever motorcycle ride!!
Notice how I'm smiling.

Here's me waiting fur Mom to take me fur another ride. Enough woof the piktures already, lets go!! I'm shedding and the wind blows some of that old dead hair out of my body.

Let's gooooo.....

I want to ride every day!! I really loved it and now know I was Born2Ride! Born 2 B a Biker Dog! Only one little problem just now. Mom doesn't have her full motorcycle license yet so isn't allowed to carry passengers and thinks the police would class me as a passenger even though I'm not a hooman been. We rode around in Tuggy's yard so the police men can't say anything cuz we're not on public property. (Maybe I need to invoke the Gulf Coast Jones Act on them... arf, arf, arf) Or maybe I just need to be patient until Mom can pack me legally. I'm not good at being a patient dog.

Do you think anyone will try to mess woof Mom's trike woof me in it??

Mom's gonna put some other piktures of me and her trike on her blog, I Was Born2Cree8. Go see them.

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, what a cute idea! Reba should love it. We read about Reba's possible seizure or stroke and we hope she is okay.