Jun 18, 2010

Mom's Hair

A woman that Mom used to know told her one time that if she takes some kind of prenate elite prenatal vitamins, it will help her hair to be healthier and to grow better. Mom decided to try it and not only did it not help at all, but the man at the store told her it wouldn't. I guess they might help to grow healthier babies, but not to grow healthier hair on a human. Mom takes good care to tie her hair up and have it under her lid (biker name fur helmet) so that it doesn't get damaged and tied in knots by blowing in the wind. She did that when riding on the back of other people's bikes, and now when riding her own trike. Her hair is naturally curly so it gets dried out and split real easy and she has to make sure she takes good care of it if she wants to keep it long and pretty.

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