Jun 3, 2010

New Family Member

I just found out that Mom 'Bean is now a great great aunt, this means that her mom (Nan as the family calls her) is a great great grandmother. Nan's eldest daughter Anne is the mother of Denny who is the father of Dustin, Nicole & Daniella. Dustin just became a father of a baby boy also named Dustin. Unfortunately, Mom will probably never get to meet Dustin Jr. cuz he lives in Mississippi and that's a very long way from where we live. Dustin used to live in Mississippi fur awhile, then moved back to Vancouver, BC cuz he couldn't get enough work there. Him & his 'gma' Anne will be going to meet the new baby, but he won't be able to live there & Dustin Jr. & his mother won't be able to come to Canada. Sad, but part of life and at least woof Dustin Sr. not there she (don't know her name) can go on woof her life and maybe be woof another man. She also can now get her figure back. This dog thinks that before now not even the best weight loss pills that work would have helped to get rid of that belly... but then what do I know, I'm only a dog and never had pups of my own.

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