Jun 18, 2010


With the turn of the seasons and the weather finally warming up a bit, I am in full shed. Hey, it happens... I'm a dog. Mom can sweep the floor 10 times a day right now and still you will find black dog hair on the pale brown, almost blond, flooring. She said that her next dog will be a Golden Retriever cuz their hair won't show on her floors. Sheesh, what an insult, as if a GR could ever replace a Rottweiler! Shedding is actually one of those diets that work. You shed 10 pounds of old hair and you're suddenly 10 pounds lighter... arf, arf, arf.

"Hey Mom 'Bean... take me fur a ride on our trike and it will blow a lot of that old black hair out of my coat along the way then you won't have to sweep it up!"

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