May 28, 2010

Cat Info

Hi... Mewsic here.... yup, the cat!! Reba, or as I call her, the stupid dog, went out to "do her business" which gives me the opportunity to put in a word or two here on her blog. She told you some of the things dogs need and don't need and I'm going to tell you the same about cats.

Some of the many things cats enjoy:
- a human to be our slave, feeding us and tending to all our needs as we desire
- canned cat food
- to be petted when and how we want to
- to be left alone when we choose
- the odd mouse to chase and terrorize
- a clean litter box
- to snuggle and cuddle and sleep with our human slave

Some of the things we really do NOT need or want:
- a dog chasing us
- humans expecting us to be like dogs
- maxoderm
- birds that chase us (hey, it's happened to me right here in this house, don't laugh, it's not funny!! We are supposed to chase the birds. These ones that live in this house too can be really nasty and scary).
- a stranger taking up my spot on the human slave's bed.
- the dog stopping us from getting to the human slave's bed.

Info 'bout Dogs

Some things dogs need:
- a human to love them and serve them
- raw meet fur a tasty dinner
- doggy cookies fur regular treats
- a cat to chase
- long walks woof their human
- other dogs to play woof
- a truck to ride in

Some things dogs don't need:
- fingernail polish
- make up
- face creams
- eye cream
- hair spray
- band-aids

Doggy Kisses

Sometimes I like to kiss people, well okay, more like lick 'em. It's my way of saying "hi, I like you, yur okay." Sometimes though I just do it to taste them, arf arf arf. No really, some of 'em taste like salt and that can be nice sometimes. Sometimes when I lick people they get mad at me and sometimes they really like it, depends on who they are. I've even had my lick seem like some kind of age spot removal, give the old person a lick and they dissolve into a kid again. Yup, some people start to laugh and giggle and feel like a kid again when a good dog gives 'em a lil' kiss. It's fun.


Mom has been real busy lately, as is pretty usual, but doing different things. The last few days she's been planting a garden in old bathtubs and our old freezer what quit working a few years ago. Today our friend Tuggy came by and helped her do some of that. He also got out the lawn mower and dud some work woof that. Now not only will that part of the yard look nicer and get used fur once in a very long time, but Mom says we'll have nice fresh veggies to eat later in the summer... all this slicker than puttin' yur computer into its laptop briefcase. Wooffff!!! Dan gave Mom 2 nice chairs fur sitting on outside and she's gonna put them into that part of the yard too, to sit on and enjoy he gardens. She has lots more work to do there yet though.

May 18, 2010

Word Association Meme

Whoof!! I went to Hawaii to visit my friend Thom and found this game on his blog. I tagged myself and played along, even visited other blogs to make sure I was caught up woof everyone. Bark!!

Alice Audrey hosts the Association Meme.

Have you ever played the word association game? In that game, someone will say a word, then the next person says the first word they think of. Each person who follows simply says what ever word comes to mind, based on the previous word.

For instance:
Person 1: red
Person 2: bull
Person 3: pasture
Person 4: grass

For the meme, it would look more like this:

Alice said: Go!
Sacred Ruminations said: Forth and Multiply
Heather said:

As you can see, Alice Audrey has taken this to another level and adjusted it for blogging. Here are the rules:

1. Anyone can play, whether they have been tagged or not.
2. Include the rules and logo in your post.
3. Copy out all the responses that were made before you.
4. Link to each of the people who responded before you.
5. Put in your response. Your response can be as little as a single word or as much as 100 words. It can be a word, a phrase, an image, a song, a video, a story, or a short rant.
6. Tag anyone you would like to challenge to play this game. You do not have to tag anyone.
7. You can do this any time you run across it, even if you were one of the previous responders.

If you have done this meme on your blog, you are welcome to put your link on Alice Audrey 's blog, on the 'home' of this meme. Be sure to link to the specific post, and welcome to the Association Association.

Want to simply jump in? You are welcome to start with the word “Excitement”, or to take off from any of the responses you find among the players listed below.

1. Excitement (Alice Audrey)

2. Thrill (Hootin’ Anni)

3. Suspense (Hazel)

4. Murder (Thom – the first time)

5. Premeditated (PattiKen)

6. Intentions (Thom)

7. Plans (Quilly)

8. Of mice and men (mine)

May 15, 2010

Another Day.

Mom 'Bean was out at Tuggy's place again today, working on the 'pretties' on her trike and learning to ride it. Today was her second time riding around the yard and she had a wonderful time. She has been feeling like she's improving quickly, getting more confident all the time. Today Tuggy's friend Brian came by and he saw Mom ride. He told her that she's doing really good and that the trike looks real nice. Tuggy later told Mom too that she's learning real quick and doing a great job of riding/driving the trike. Tuggy's landlady, Mandy, asked Mom what she'd do if I don't like riding on the trike and Mom told her that if i really don't like it I will not have to do it, I'll stay home when she goes riding. I know Mom is really hoping I do like it though, and so am I.

Today Mom got a real good sunburn on her upper back cuz she was in the sun too long and furgot to put on a shirt or sunscreen. She was busy and just didn't think about it. I've seen her do that before and get a really really bad sunburn on her back and arms. this time Tuggy saw she was getting red and told her she should put on a shirt or something. She still is very red and kinda sore, though no where near as bad as that day last year. If she keeps getting burned like this she better find real good wrinkle creams, cuz sun dries out skin and dry skin wrinkles more than moist skin. Sun burn dries out skin real fast.

Random Barks

- Mom's been leaving me home alone a lot lately. I don't appreciate this, even though she tells me it's because she can't leave me in the truck all day with it being so hot out now.
- Dan said he'd come help Mom take the canopy off and put the rack onto our truck. He didn't show, or phone, or answer his phone when Mom called him. He hasn't called since then either. Mom is not happy woof him. They was also sposed to go get some free bathtubs fur Mom to use to make raised bed gardens fur her vegetables to live in. The lady woof the tubs was real nice about it and has made some other arrangements to get these tubs to Mom.
- TOPS must be the best best weight loss pill, cuz I hear Mom say she goes to TOPS to loose weight and she's been getting slimmer.
- Mom has been going to ride her trike the last while. She said it is soon going to be on the road, it's so close to being finished getting built. she is having fun learning to ride it.

I'm Good!!

My foot is feeling so much better now. It is healing really well and I am not in that nasty pain any more. I have even pretty much adjusted to walking woof a toe missing. It's all good. The vet never did find out fur sure if it was cancer or not, but like she said to Mom, what else could it be. My toe was so sore and so swollen up real big, more than twice its normal size. Cancer is not fun, people, and I am a very fortunate dog that it was just in one toe and could be cut away so easily, though amputation is a fairly drastic thing to have done. Hey, any of you that have zits, I know it seems terrible, but know that acne solutions are way easier on you than cancer and cancer solutions.

Now that I'm almost all healed up I sure hope Mom can take me to the dog park again soon, though she says my foot has to be totally healed before I can go there. she doesn't want to chance me getting infections.

May 1, 2010

My Weight

Before my surgery, our friend Dan said to Mom 'Bean that he thought I was loosing weight, getting skinny cuz of having cancer, but I wasn't. Last fall, Mom took me to the vet fur a needle and he put me on the scales. I weighed about 85#. Then when Mom took me to the vet in February about my sore foot I was weighed and 87#, then just before the surgery I was 90#. I don't eat much, just mostly small amounts of raw meat. Mom sometimes feels bad about giving me such small meals and I sure like eating it so would love to have more, but it must be enough if I'm gaining weight. Mom will keep a good eye on me cuz she doesn't want me to get fat, or to be too skinny, just a healthy weight. I still have my puppyish figure and we don't want me to loose that and be rolly polly like too many other dogs we see.

Do you know what a challenge it is fur a dog to type? Especially on a little laptop computer? Especially a big dog like me woof big paws?? It's not easy, let me tell you, and having no opposible thumbs doesn't help either. Now, I'm missing a toe!!! I am having to learn to type all over again. I think maybe I need to hold a bone in my mouth and use it to hit the letters my missing toe used to hit. What do you think of that??


Reba Speaks

Today Mom was going out to visit her trike and Tuggy so I was going to go along woof her. Unfortunately, there was a strange noise coming from the motor of our truck so Mom called Tuggy and he came 'n got her in his car so I had to stay home all day, out in my dog run. Things are not real exciting out there as I don't really get to see much from back in that part of the yard. The other day I put a thought in Mom's head to make my run go out to the front a bit further, so hopefully she'll do that, even though it would mean her loosing a flower bed. I dogonally don't see a problem woof that, I mean, who needs flower beds anyway? She has a fenced in area up the hill too that she built fur the chickens, then realized she couldn't put them up there. The hawks or eagles were picking the chickens right out of the yard, so to put them on the hill would just be almost like feeding them to the birds of prey. May as well put a big neon sign up, written in bird language, saying "Ali's Fast Food Chicken Joint"!! Anyway, she keeps planning to move some steps she has from the back yard out to there so I can get up onto the retaining wall and into that fenced area. I sure wish she'd get it done so I'd have more space and a real good view too.

Do you know what "modern bedroom furniture" is fur a dog?? It's the same as the old bedroom furniture so far as I can see. A nice piece of foam and some old blankets laying on the floor at the foot of Mom's bed. Yup, a good place fur me to get some sleep now.

Oh ya, my foot is starting to heal up a bit and I'm feeling better... getting my bounce back. Mom said she kinda liked it when I wasn't so hyper, but she's real happy to see me getting it back cuz it shows I'm feeling better again. She was kinda worried about me fur awhile. I think she loves me, arf arf arf!!