Dec 29, 2010

My Weight and Health

I was just watching Ghost Whisperer on TV and could not help noticing what a nice figure Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has, such a small waist.  I would love to have that kind of figure so I guess I  better get on my exercise bike more and eat less.  I know I have gained weight over the last week or two with all the Christmas dinners I ate and I have to get busy and get it off again.  If I thought smoking cao cigars would take my mind off eating I would seriously consider it, even though I happen to be allergic to smoke.  I guess lots of people like cigars and I used to like the smell of their smoke.  I know however that only eating less and moving more will take the weight off.  Well, not as much eating less as eating more wisely, more healthy, low cal foods rather than high cal or unhealthy foods.  I must cut out the sugary food for my weight and for my blood sugars.  Yesterday I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike and walked a kilometer, a good start.  Today I did nothing.  Guess I  better get off my armchair and onto the bike.  I have TOPS tomorrow and that will show how much I over did the food over Christmas as we weigh in before each meeting.   See you later!

New Business

I recently started a new business designed to help people reduce or eliminate pain and to get healthier.  As well as purchasing business office supplies, I also have been purchasing some of the products for myself and so that I can demonstrate them to people that might be interested.  I have a Black Tipped AMWand and have some bracelets on order.  There was a great Christmas Special where they were selling 3 bracelets at a great price so I ordered them, 2 for me and 1 for a friend.  I also have a Silver Tipped AMWand on order for another gal.  I needed to order a certain number of dollars worth of product to become Platinum and start my business of with a bang, and I managed to do it, thanks to my  upline, Bruce.  He introduced me to the gal that wanted the Wand which I am giving her at my cost just to get what I needed to get the business off the ground in the way I wanted it to be, and he is taking the 3rd bracelet for his girlfriend.  I have lots of things to read, videos to watch, etc to learn about the products well enough to be good at telling people about them... they really work.


When I started riding motorcycles again after many years of not, the only leathers I had were from riding horses, so I rode the iron horse in my equestrian apparel.  At some point I think I put my chaps away, though I have no clue where.  I have a terrible mess in my home and they could be anywhere in here... or they could be gone from my life.  Over this past summer I did acquire motor cycle leathers.  I bought a really good jacket at a second hand store for a very good price, and later was given a most wonderful pair of custom made chaps in black leather with some purple leather accents and lots of silver studs.  I would like to get some purple accents added to the jacket as well as some silver studs so that the jacket and chaps match.  I was very fortunate to be wearing the leathers and a good DOT helmet when I was hit by the car.  

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All

I send you wishes for a most Merry Christmas and a 2011 filled with Joy, Peace and Love for you and your loved ones.

I also send a 'Christmas Gift'. It's a free download that could well help your 2011 be a lot more prosperous. I've downloaded it before but didn't get around to reading it... sigh, so just downloaded it again and am finding it very interesting whenever I find a few moments to read. I look forward to a quieter time soon, lol.

Well, I think I am about as ready for Christmas as I will be this year. Much of it is already over and much left to come. December 2nd was my TOPS group party... full turkey dinner for lunch, games to play, gift exchange where I was fortunate to get what I felt was the best gift, a hand quilted wall hanging of snowmen. December 18 was a turkey dinner at my sister Marcy's in Enderby including a gift exchange before M & her husband left for Whiterock, Las Vegas, & 4 months in Arizona/California. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I go to Mom's in Enderby in the morning for gift exchange and to spend the day with her, we'll go to a church dinner later in the day. Monday is another family dinner at Mom's. My 2 brothers and their families will be there, one from Langley and one north of Edmonton. I'm making my 'famous' bread pudding for desert.

And now... off to dreamland or Santa won't stop by. Well, okay, so he refuses to stop here anyway ever since the crash... sigh. He tried to park on my roof which is metal and very steep. It was a nasty mess. Ah well, maybe some day Santa & the reindeer will get over it and stop in again. In the meantime, they drop my gifts at Mom's so I have to get there early to open them. Night night, and may your morning bring you lots of good stuff under the tree.
Merry Christmas and a Joy, Peace and Love filled 2011!!

Dec 12, 2010

My New Exciting Venture

I am really excited to tell you that I have started my own business.  It is one that will help a lot of people to reduce their pain, heal their bodies, and for some even improve their financial situation.  Following is an email I sent to friends and family to let them know my exciting news:

I just wanted to tell you I have started a new business that I am very excited about.  As many of you know, I was in an accident in September where, among a few other things, I got a badly broken wrist.  A friend in one of my 'bike' groups offered to 'wand' it for me, then I have been getting together with people for wanding ever since.  I have found that wanding reduces my pain as well as improves the movement in my wrist as it heals.

Having seen the improvements I was experiencing, my friend Joyce asked me to take her along to a wanding and of course I did.  She had a very badly broken ankle in January 2006 which, like my wrist, required a metal plate and many screws to hold it together.  Joyce has had a bad limp ever since, unable to walk without shoes, and unable to 'tap her toes' (move the foot up and down).  Since her second wanding she has been walking without the limp and has been able to flex the foot & tap her toes.  To say the least, she is thrilled!  Tonight was her 4th wanding and she now can walk without her shoes on. Wednesday Joyce joined me at my physiotherapy treatment and while there, her former physiotherapist came out of a back room and said hi. When she showed him the movement in her ankle he was very impressed and said that whatever she's doing just keep doing it as it is working for her.

This morning my new wand arrived on my doorstep by courier, until now I was dependent on other people's wands and am thrilled to have my own to use daily.  I later went out for lunch with my TOPS group at a restaurant in Armstrong & the owner, Marg, was in a lot of pain, you could see it in her face as well as the way she walked.  She was over at our table and I asked her where she was hurting, she showed me the place on her back and I began to wand.  No, the wand doesn't touch the person, though it can, it is usually held a couple inches out and always turned in a clockwise circle.  In just minutes Marg was saying she felt like it was pulling the pain from her and that the area felt hot.  It was not long before we all could see the change in her face and the way she held her body.  She was no longer hurting!! 

Check out the links below and watch the videos.  Send this on to anyone you know that is in pain or just wants to improve their health.  

This is my web site:

You will find great information on this web site which belongs to a friend of mine.  If you decide you would like to order something, please get in touch with me or go to my web site above. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. 

Dec 11, 2010

Critter Stuff

Well, I must say that my cat, Mewsic, sure does not need a sleep aid.  All evening she has been snoozing here in my big arm chair.  Each time I decide to come sit down here I have to gently move her over enough to get my butt onto the chair.  She's totally 'out like a light'.  She kind of wakes up some when I move her, but just cuddles up and goes back to sleep again.  I guess it's the perfect life for a cat... warm home, full belly, no dog to disagree with.  At this time of day, all the birds are sleeping too, safely tucked away in their cages for the night. I'm the only one still up and will be for some time yet.  Much movie to watch and still more work to do.

Working at Home

I've been doing some cleaning and rearranging in my living room, trying to declutter and make it all nice and ready for any company I might get through the coming weeks, not to mention nicer for me to live in.  I'm tired of being crowded and cluttered, unable to find things I want or need at any given time.  I've also been decorating for Christmas and need to clean and declutter in order to do this.  I need a place free to put up my Santa Village and such. I need to stop frequently to rest so I don't get into too much pain, though I now have a lot less pain that before (will tell about it in a future post).  During my rest periods, which are often longer than my work periods, I do things like Sudoku, surf the net, read emails, etc. Some of the surfing raised a question in my mind... how many women would be happy to receive cubic zirconia wedding rings for Christmas this year?  I can see where this could be thought as wonderful... and where it could raise some problems... sigh.  I've also been watching movies on TV while I work and while I rest.  Santa Baby and now Santa Baby 2.  The elves and the Claus's are playing poker... for candy.  This just reminded me that Dan left some candy in the back room for me.  I think I'll go see what there is there. Mmmmm.