Dec 29, 2010


When I started riding motorcycles again after many years of not, the only leathers I had were from riding horses, so I rode the iron horse in my equestrian apparel.  At some point I think I put my chaps away, though I have no clue where.  I have a terrible mess in my home and they could be anywhere in here... or they could be gone from my life.  Over this past summer I did acquire motor cycle leathers.  I bought a really good jacket at a second hand store for a very good price, and later was given a most wonderful pair of custom made chaps in black leather with some purple leather accents and lots of silver studs.  I would like to get some purple accents added to the jacket as well as some silver studs so that the jacket and chaps match.  I was very fortunate to be wearing the leathers and a good DOT helmet when I was hit by the car.  

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