Dec 11, 2010

Working at Home

I've been doing some cleaning and rearranging in my living room, trying to declutter and make it all nice and ready for any company I might get through the coming weeks, not to mention nicer for me to live in.  I'm tired of being crowded and cluttered, unable to find things I want or need at any given time.  I've also been decorating for Christmas and need to clean and declutter in order to do this.  I need a place free to put up my Santa Village and such. I need to stop frequently to rest so I don't get into too much pain, though I now have a lot less pain that before (will tell about it in a future post).  During my rest periods, which are often longer than my work periods, I do things like Sudoku, surf the net, read emails, etc. Some of the surfing raised a question in my mind... how many women would be happy to receive cubic zirconia wedding rings for Christmas this year?  I can see where this could be thought as wonderful... and where it could raise some problems... sigh.  I've also been watching movies on TV while I work and while I rest.  Santa Baby and now Santa Baby 2.  The elves and the Claus's are playing poker... for candy.  This just reminded me that Dan left some candy in the back room for me.  I think I'll go see what there is there. Mmmmm.

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