Feb 26, 2011


A while ago this morning I heard one of my birds squawking and went to see what was up.  Not that Charlie hadn't squawked before, but it just seemed I should go see what was up. I sure am glad I did.  DW had gotten out of her cage, I had left it unlocked, and had climbed up to Charlies cage which sits on top of hers.  Charlie is a Cockatiel and DW an Indian Ringneck Parrot, around twice the size of Charlie.  She was sitting ever so innocently near his cage though not on it when I arrived in that room, and he was laying on the floor of his cage.  I thought at first he may have had a heart attack or something as he is older and came to me recently from a home where there was often smoking... he is not as healthy as my other birds or as other cockatiels I've known that were twice his age.  Anyway, I put DW back in her cage then looked closer at Charlie and saw blood on broken toes.  He must have been on the cage wall and had his toes outside and available to DW and she bit a few of them. Poor little Charlie.  I think he would have stayed on the floor and died had I not been there, but I reached in and picked him up.  I got some very nasty bites before I finally 'woke up' and wrapped him in my nightgown so he couldn't bite me any more.  I rushed him into the bathroom and got out the Kwik Stop powder which stopped any more bleeding, I had lots of blood on my hands and it was all his.  I've given him water and he has been sitting on my shoulder for some time now.  He seems okay and I am sure he will recover from this trauma.  I will be a whole lot more careful in future about locking DW's cage.  I love her, she is such an awesome bird, and yet she does have the nasty habit of hurting any other bird she comes in contact with.

I think I will go get something to eat now before I have to rush off to a birthday party this afternoon.  I will put Charlie back in his cage and check the food and water of all my animals.  I think I will grab the bag of mixed nuts (colon cleanser for me) and munch on some of them while I make Oatmeal and take care of my animals.  I also must get dressed and drive to town so better run.


From what I've read, the weight loss industry has become a billion dollar industry. Just the fact that the market is so very big shows that weight loss is an enormous problem for many and that people do have the desire to make changes.  Many people make financial sacrifices to try loosing weight, yet as a nation, the percentage of obesity and overweight adults is still increasing. 

People try everything imaginable in hopes of loosing the excess fat from their bodies, including though not limited to: Fad Diets; Diet pills that work fast; Weight Loss Clubs; Starvation/skipping meals.  I have been going to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) for 2 years now and I fully believe in this organization.  It is a support group backed by a lot of good information. In the first year I dropped 20 ugly pounds.  In the second year I gained back 10 of them.  Is this because TOPS doesn't work? NO!  It's because I haven't worked the program properly.  I am now adding something to my weight loss venture that will hopefully help me succeed in reaching my goal in weight loss as well as other health and financial related things.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a process of tapping certain meridian points while speaking phrases that relate to the issue being worked on.  I am about to start 'tapping' to a recorded program by Jessica Ortner "Releasing the Emotions That Keep You Stuck and Overweight".  Nearly 2 years ago my friend Carole introduced me to EFT and she cured me of my Cola addiction in under 10 minutes by using EFT.  I've never done anything with this 'tool' since until now.  If this works half as well with weight loss as it did with curing me of that addiction, and I am sure it will, then I will soon be dropping the unwanted pounds from my body and feeling great!!!

Whichever road you choose to take towards weight loss, I wish you luck and good health!!!

Feb 25, 2011

Trike Update

I got my 'new' bike home a couple weeks ago but didn't get the paperwork until this week, so went in on Wednesday and got it registered in my name.  Al, the friend I bought it from also found the key for it which sure helps a lot, saves me using the ignition and gas tank from the 'old' bike.  Both of them are 1983 Yamaha Maxim 650, though there are some differences between them.   I am looking forward to the weather being warm enough to start the work of converting this new bike to a trike like I did with the first one.  I will use many good parts off the wrecked one to build this one.

Being Lazy

Here I sit... and sit... and sit in my armchair, watching TV.  I'm watching a movie called the Earthling, with William Holden, Ricky Schroder, Jack Thompson. (1980)  A terminally ill man teaches a boy how to survive in the Australian bush.  That's what the write up is on it.  So far a young boy was with his parents in a motor home, he was outside while his parents were inside and I'm not really sure how it got started but the motor home was moving down the hill and 'dad' couldn't stop it so it went over a huge cliff.  Now the kid is alone out there with snakes and all sorts of other scary creatures... now he's just found an older man sleeping and decided to steel his food but got scared off when the guy woke up.

I think I should get off this chair and onto my exercise bike, also known as my fat burner, haha.  I need to peddle for at least 30 minutes... and I just don't really feel like doing it. The exercise also lowers my blood sugar levels and helps to lower my cholesterol levels too, so really is very important.

A Good Day

Ahhhh, the is the life.  Here I sit in my big armchair with a fire burning in the stove so I am nice and toasty warm in my home though the temperature is -14°C outside and forecast to reach -17°C tonight.  My cat, Mewsic is curled up beside me in my chair, my nice hot cup of tea is on the table beside me as are the 2 remote controls, one for the TV and one for the PVR.

I had a very nice day today.  First I texted with a good friend of mine... then off to town to my physio therapy appointment for work on my wrists.  After that I grabbed a very tasty Chicken Pesto Wrap at the health food store and took it with me to the Food Bank where I put in 2 hours doing volunteer work.  Next I picked up some garlic crystals and mixed nuts and headed home.  I had some things I had to do here.  Now here I sit.  During ads on TV I like to do other things like Sudoku or blog or surf the net and research things.  Maybe I'll go read about adipex diet pills, or maybe I'll research a stone I was told about that I want to know more about, though I would have to get up and go find the paper where I wrote down the name.  I could even grab the Sudoku book off the exercise bike beside my chair... hmmmm... maybe I'll even write another blog post.  Life has so many options and I do love to explore them.

Feb 17, 2011

Dreaming... Again

I have a fellow living in an RV trailer on my land, below my house.  It's kind of nice to have someone else on the property, safer in this day and age, and it's also nice to have a few dollars rent from him each month.  It helps me out a lot.  I'm not sure if he has rv insurance on the trailer, but he is fairly safe as he heats the place with electric heaters rather than the gas furnace that may or may not work real well as it's an older RV.  I don't know how anyone can live in such a small home, I know I couldn't, but he seems to be doing well there so this is a good thing.  I have a whole big house and it's full of stuff, lots of it cages with pets living in them.  We couldn't fit in a little trailer.  I wouldn't mind having one of them for 'camping' in the summer.  I think it would be awesome to go out to a lake in the bush where hardly anyone else goes and just live in nature for a good part of the summer.  It would be hard to be without electricity and internet, but I think it would be good in many ways.  Very stress free living and a great opportunity to get some reading & writing done, for sure.  Anyway, I don't have one so this is just another dream.  Maybe one day while I'm still young enough to drive it out there, set it up and live without the need of a nearby hospital.

A Great Day

Today was a great day once again which is a real relief as I've been having some really bad days lately. I've had a non-stop headache for something like 2 weeks, as well as a stiff, sore neck, so it's been a bummer. Today, however, is the second day in a row that I haven't had a headache. I got up this morning and went to my TOPS group where we weigh in before the meeting. I am down 2 pounds since last week so this is a good thing. Last week I was down 1 pound. My goal is to drop 4 pounds per month, so that pretty much works out to a pound each week on average. It was a good meeting with lots accomplished, though I think that as Leader I maybe could have kept it a bit more organized and on track.

After the meeting, as always we as a group went out for lunch and then Pat, Pauline & I went to our favorite Secondhand Store. I always enjoy looking at all the various things people have donated: fabric, upholstery fabric, sewing notions, knitting needles, yarns, books, dishes, bedding, clothes and so much more. I pretty much always find lots of things to buy and haul home to my already over crowded home. I am going to have to stop it. Actually, for awhile I did stop going there, but it's just such a nice thing to do with my friends. I guess I have to start leaving my purse in the truck so I have no money on me when I'm there. Many of the things I buy really are useful to me though, and it's all very reasonably priced. Last week I bought a beautiful sweater for $1 and have already gotten lots of wear out of it... it's one of my favorites, looks real good on me.

After shopping we went to DQ for desert. I had a tea & a Buster Bar. I came home for a bit, maybe 1 1/2 hours to do some stuff here, then off to see the Dr. that had the results to the x-rays done on my neck yesterday. It shows a lot of disc deterioration, unfortunately, though I'm not surprised. My chiropractor had wanted me to get the x-rays done to see as this is what he thought was happening and he wants to be sure he's doing safe & proper treatment on me. I asked the Dr. if the neck problem would be the cause of the headaches I've been having lately. He said no. I told him that I'd been having a lot of them since I was in a motorcycle crash & he asked when that was so I told him September. He asked if I had been unconscious to which I said I had. He said the headaches are Post Concussion Syndrome. I've never heard of this before and I've had concussions before but don't remember if I had headaches afterward. Definitely not as bad as they've been this time, for sure. It was good to know though that it actually has a name, a reason for the headaches, and that they will pass. Maybe this is why I've been so tired lately too. I didn't think to ask the Dr. if this would have a bearing.

Next I went to my usual Thursday evening Wand Group, where we all use Amega Wands to wand each other. I always feel so much better after a good wanding, just incredible. So now I'm feeling better than I have in weeks and I've been doing a happy dance. It's awesome!!!

Feb 4, 2011

My Favorite Toy

One of the best kind of toys in my opinion is a motorcycle... and I'm getting my 'new' one tomorrow. Yup, an early '80s Yamaha 650 Maxim very much like the one that was totaled off in the crash in September. Once it is home the conversion to a trike can begin. This bike doesn't run but should with a bit of work, maybe just needs the electric starter which can be taken off the 'old' bike and used on this one. If it needs more I have lots of good parts sitting in my carport. Since I have to have another surgery on my wrist I can only hope I will be able to ride my trike this summer... but I know it will be ready for me as soon as I am able.


I don't know why but I've been very tired lately. Earlier this fall I was like this and figured it was due to the crash and resultant stress & healing of injuries. Finally it lifted and I felt much better, though still not 'top notch'. Now again I am 'deadly tired', and don't have a clue why. If someone offered me the best job in the world, but it working with animals, accounts executive jobs, or even getting paid to talk (dream job for me) I would have to pass as I'm just too tired to even blog for a few minutes. I keep making errors in typing and having to go back and re-do it. I can't think straight. Went to the Dr. today and fell asleep in the office while waiting for him. Then he came in and said hello. I nearly hit the roof, he scared me so bad. I will be going for blood tests, but was too late to go today and I was too tired anyway, so will go on Monday.