Feb 26, 2011


From what I've read, the weight loss industry has become a billion dollar industry. Just the fact that the market is so very big shows that weight loss is an enormous problem for many and that people do have the desire to make changes.  Many people make financial sacrifices to try loosing weight, yet as a nation, the percentage of obesity and overweight adults is still increasing. 

People try everything imaginable in hopes of loosing the excess fat from their bodies, including though not limited to: Fad Diets; Diet pills that work fast; Weight Loss Clubs; Starvation/skipping meals.  I have been going to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) for 2 years now and I fully believe in this organization.  It is a support group backed by a lot of good information. In the first year I dropped 20 ugly pounds.  In the second year I gained back 10 of them.  Is this because TOPS doesn't work? NO!  It's because I haven't worked the program properly.  I am now adding something to my weight loss venture that will hopefully help me succeed in reaching my goal in weight loss as well as other health and financial related things.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a process of tapping certain meridian points while speaking phrases that relate to the issue being worked on.  I am about to start 'tapping' to a recorded program by Jessica Ortner "Releasing the Emotions That Keep You Stuck and Overweight".  Nearly 2 years ago my friend Carole introduced me to EFT and she cured me of my Cola addiction in under 10 minutes by using EFT.  I've never done anything with this 'tool' since until now.  If this works half as well with weight loss as it did with curing me of that addiction, and I am sure it will, then I will soon be dropping the unwanted pounds from my body and feeling great!!!

Whichever road you choose to take towards weight loss, I wish you luck and good health!!!

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