Feb 20, 2010

Mom 'Bean Here again

I am not getting slim really quick, though with changing the way I eat & by moving more, I will get slim the healthy way. I some days do tend to feel frustration with myself due to gaining some back, or failing to loose weight, and I know this is due to poor eating habits that are so easy to fall back into and are not easy to get rid of. I love to eat sweets, baking mostly and especially if it has chocolate in it... and I have to stay away from this type of thing not only for my weight but for my health, period. I also love eating bread and cheese, two things that don't help with the dropping of pounds. I know if I keep working on this I will get slim in time. Will I one day look back on my "slimquick reviews"? No! Will I look back on how I lost 60 pounds and got healthy too?? Review how I got sexy again?? Yes! That I will do... one day. Reba is helping me every time we go for walks and I so look forward to when I can drive her to the dog park on the trike so it will cost way less for gas & we can go more often. We will both benefit from this.

Mom 'Bean Here

Just some human thoughts here.

Reba & I like to go for walks at the dog park or other places as this is wonderful exercise for us. We really enjoy the time together as well as seeing other dogs & people. We both very much enjoy other dogs as well as other people and some days I think Reba likes the people more than she does the dogs, as I often like the dogs more than I do the people. Anyway, we like going for our walks. Also, I like to go to the pool to do exercise classes or even just to swim for awhile, then the reward is sitting in the hot tub for awhile. I also carry a 40 pound bag of pellets into the house every day during the winter, this is how I heat my home. Dog food and cat litter also come in 40 - 45 pound bags which I pick up and carry. I don't go to the gym, though I do always have lots of muscles. I think my day to day life is, for me, a good muscle builder. Since I have been doing Aqua Therapy at the pool I have seen my calves showing muscle definition, more like they used to do before. I like the way my body has always been very strong & am overjoyed to see some muscle replacing fat on my body. Even when the scale doesn't reflect it, I can see my body changing.

Mom's Day... so far

Today Mom went to Kelowna woof our friend Dan. They stopped at Value Village, a second hand store, and he bought her a dress & shoes just cuz he likes to see her in a dress. Then they went to Princess Auto Supply and got fenders fur our trike. Right now Mom 'Bean would like to spend her $$ taking me to the vet, but she already committed to building the trike and it's in the middle of that so she can't just say "Stop!" so she has to get what is needed fur the job even though she feels guilty. Anyway, so she got the fenders and the 2 of them came to way less money than it would take to just walk me into the vet office and have him/her look across the room at me. Then they came back home but on the way Mom talked to Tuggy, so they drove out to take the fenders and a old metal rack Mom had to Tuggy's place. Mom got to see the work Tug has done since she was there yesterday, and Dan got to see it fur the furst time. All this time, Mom is wearing the dress Dan bought her, woof the shoes. Dan, Tuggy & Q was all there and there was no need fur any testosterone boosters. There was lots of that just naturally. Mom might wear a dress more often, even though her legs was chilly.

Now Mom has a errand to run fur her friend Drew, then go out fur the evening woof him. Life is fun over 50 fur Mom.


Just Thinking

Hi. Well, today is a new day and this pain in my foot is getting old. I wish there was some way to get rid of it. I'm okay mostly but if anything touches my toe or toe nail it hurts real bad and makes me yelp. I wonder, if I had gotten online life insurance, would it also cover going to a vet? Those guys sure charge a lot of money. Just to walk through the door costs several months worth of dog food and right now we just can't pay them that much. You see, if the 'exam' costs $75 or more, then the x-rays that will maybe be needed, and the medicine to fix it... we're looking at $400-500 and that would mean... well, it would be awful to even think those thoughts, so I'm going to be a good dog and quit right now.

Just thinking.

Feb 19, 2010

Healthy Results... and not.

The following is what my Mom 'Bean is adding to my dog blog while I nap a bit. My foot is sore & Mom gave me some Tylonol to take the pain away so I trying to nap now.


Every 3 months, I visit a nurse, Della, & my doctor regarding Type 2 Diabetes. Before that visit, I go to the lab for blood tests that show what has been happening with my blood sugars over the past 3 months. This time around, I was a bit worried as December was a "tuff" month with all the sweet goodies over the Christmas season... then in January was my birthday and more sweet goodies. When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I had an A1C (that's what the 3 month test is called) of around 13.... after that it was 11.4 (being new it was redone before the 3 months), the next 2 were 6.3. Under 7 is good. The one this time was 6.1 so even a little better. Della & Dr. P. are both very happy with these readings and with the loss of 18 pounds, though I have gained 2 back so must loose them again and a bunch more. What they are not happy with is my cholesterol levels. They are higher than they should be even for a non-diabetic, though if I was one of those, it would be no big worry. However, a diabetic should have even lower readings than 'normal' people, so I am classed as 'high risk'. The doctor would like to put me on drugs for this and I keep refusing, working at bringing the levels down with diet & exercise. I will no more take cholesterol lowering meds than I would the world's best acne pills... and I am blessed with beautiful skin. Well, at least it would be a very frosty Friday, a "do it or die now" type thing.

Feb 12, 2010

Thinking Dog Thoughts

Dogs mostly eat different things than our humans do, though sometimes we do get to eat some human foods. I like it when Mom feeds me 'people' food and I would like it more often, but Mom won't do that. I stole her cheese/peanut butter/jam sandwich this afternoon & she was not happy woof me, though it was all gone so fast she didn't have a chance to take it away.

Some people say it's not healthy fur dogs to eat people food but I am very healthy and I've always eaten some here & there.

Some people say humans after a certain age should take hgh-pills. Mom doesn't though admits it does sound interesting and might have some merrit.

Some humans say don't feed raw food to yur dog. Our friend Wendy has several times got dogs healthy again from being sick by feeding raw meat, and I'm real healthy eating it, so I don't believe all humans.

Healthy Dog Eats

I am feeling healthier & younger as well as much happier since I been eating a BARF diet. That means Bones And Raw Food. Mostly it's bones & raw meat that has ground up bones in it. Mom 'Bean buys it fur me at the butcher a couple towns away from where we live cuz no one around here sells it. It's real good and Mom said she'd rather spend more money on my food than to spend money at the vets. The raw food I been eating is more than the bags of food I used to eat, but still not as much as some of the dog food that comes in bags. Mom puts some Oil of Oregano into my food sometimes too cuz she says it's healthy fur me, and sometimes gives me vegetables too. I like when she gives me a raw carrot & I get to lay down & eat it like it was a orange doggy cookie. Sometimes I pretend I'm a big rabbit eating my carrot, arf arf arf. I think the raw meat & the carrots & the odd bone here & there, raw of course, is better than the most effective diet pills. I stay healthy & slim too. Of course though, I'm not sure you humans would want to eat what I do... after all, I am a dog.

I Feel Good

Whoof!! The whole family is taking turns posting on my blog tonight. Oh well, leaves me more time to chew on my favorite bone. I think of my bone as the best kind of anti aging product around. It makes me feel very happy and relaxed as I chew on it, and relaxation is very good fur us dogs as well as fur our humans. When stress gets in the way we all age faster, I have often heard people say "she's lived a hard life" when talking about someone who looks older than they are, so relax and chew a bone, take it easy, and you too will stay young-like fur longer. I am 11 years and nearly 2 months old. That is pretty old fur a Rottweiler, and yet I still have good health and lots of energy and such. People at the dog park always guess me to be around 3 years old. So you see, chewing bones is good fur you.

Bird Bits

- Birds need more than just seeds in their diet.
- Birds like to eat fresh veggies & fruit... these are good for us.
- Birds don't get zits so don't use treatment for acne.
- Birds don't need to use shampoos or skin care products either.
- Birds do, however, like to take bathes, or at least some birds do. Some even like to shower.
- Sometimes birds like to get out of their cages & fly around the house. This is fun for the bird(s) and usually for the humans too... however, it can be very dangerous to the birds, so please make sure it's going to be safe for us to do this.
- Birds that tweet, twitter, sing make their humans feel calmer & less stressed, so long as the bird does this quietly as us Parrotlets always do. We are not like Bubba the 'tiel in the other room.

Dinner for Two

A human word here:
Next week on Wednesday morning I go to see my 'diabetic nurse' Della again. Every 3rd month I have to see her regarding the Type 2 diabetes I have been diagnosed with. They are always concerned about my cholesterol levels due to the diabetes, though the readings I have were not a worry before. My doctor has urged me to go onto some kind of cholesterol treatment, and I keep refusing. I told him I will get it down with diet & exercise and so far it has come down a bit though needs more. This evening I went out for dinner with friend Tuggy & we decided to share the restaurant's special, the Lasagna with Greek Ribs & Garlic Toast. As it turned out, they gave us what we are sure was 2 dinners and only charged for 1. We were the last ones there before closing time. It was a very enjoyable meal though I know it was not in keeping with getting those cholesterol levels down.

Feb 8, 2010

Potato Chips and Chirps

Hi. Friday here again.

Some people wonder "how to remove dark circles under eyes". My answer to this dilemma is "get a bird", or more specifically, "get a Pacific Parrotlet".

I think dark circles under eyes is a sign of a health problem and the answer to most of these things is to get better rest & to de-stress. The best way to do this? Yup, have a Parrotlet live in your home with you. One little warning here though, "Parrotlets are like potato chips, you can't have just one". We are just so wonderful that everyone wants more once they've had one.

Our quiet little chirps and other such noises are very enjoyable to the human ear and unlike the noise of some other birds, our chirps and songs are very relaxing and peaceful. Our clownish behavior is very entertaining to humans as we hang upside down from the top of our cage and our toys. I have even ridden around on my human slave's head and hung upside down holding onto her hair and looked her right in the face. This made her laugh and laughter is always good medicine.


Hello... this is Friday speaking now. Reba is laying on the floor chewing on a big ugly bone... EWWWW. I figured since our human slave has 2 laptops, we birds should start adding some input to these blog things. After all, dogs can't think of enough interesting things to keep up an intelligent conversation. Those of you that visit this blog often will likely remember meeting me one time before when I took the initiative and wrote on this blog.

I, and my dear lady love Miracle, are Pacific Parrotlets. Here is a bit of information you might find interesting in regards to Parrotlets.

Parrotlets, the smallest parrots in the world, are little birds with short wedge-shaped tails and large beaks for their size. Most species are less than five inches long and weigh less than 30 grams. They are relatively new to the pet trade, and a sure attention grabber. Everyone who sees one wants to know, "What kind of bird is that?"

The most popular species in the pet trade are the Pacific, Mexican and green-rumped parrotlets. Other species are rare. Some people believe green rumps are the most gentle, although all three species can make nice pets if they are handfed and properly socialized.

Most parrotlets are primarily green. Patches of yellow, gray and blue identify the species, subspecies and sex. A healthy parrotlet will be alert, have shiny feathers, a clean vent and clean feet. Parrotlets can live up to 20 years.

Parrotlets are sexually dimorphic, which means the sex of the bird can be determined by looking at it. In the commonly available species, males have a varying amount of vivid or deep blue on their rumps and also have shades of vivid blue on primary and secondary wing feathers. The females always lack the blue markings on the wings.

Parrotlets come from the same regions as larger parrots such as macaws, Amazons, conures and Pionus. Their range spreads from the arid tropical zone of western Mexico, along the West Coast just below Baja, Calif., to the southern most parts of Brazil and from the east to west coasts of South America. They inhabit Trinidad and have been introduced to the Netherlands Antilles and the West Indies.


These small parrots often have a feisty, courageous nature that belies their tiny size. They are most closely related to the Amazon species, and many people refer to them as "Amazons in pint-sized bodies" because of their often fearless nature. They are bold, playful, clownish, fearless and determined.

Parrotlets frequently learn to talk. They have limited talking ability, but with patience and practice, can learn to say several words, short phrases, and many sounds and whistles. Their voices are small in proportion to their size and sometimes it is hard to recognize words. Their natural sounds are very pleasant chirps. The lack of noise makes them ideal for apartment or condominium dwellers.

That is what they say on the internet. I do agree with most, though not all. I personally did not come from where they say. My egg was laid right here in Canada.

Weird Stuff.

There have been things happening in Mom's life the last while & she is now looking to change volunteer careers. But I can't really tell you about it all, just that Mom has been giving this a lot of thinking the last week.

Another thing Mom has been giving thinking to is a marriage proposal. Yup, her friend Jerry from the United States phoned here a few nights ago and asked Mom to marry him & move to the US to travel around woof him in his motor home. She could even take me and some of the other critters, though most wouldn't fit in the motor home and Mom says she'd have to leave all the birds and chinchillas and rabbit behind... so that just leaves me and the cat. Mom can't stand to leave all her critters behind as much as she'd like to go travel like Jerry said. Oh ya, Mom likes him lots but doesn't think she loves him like she'd have to to marry him. But she thinks it's nice that someone would like to marry her.

I'm pretty sure we'll be staying right here cuz Mom loves all us critters more than she loves Jerry and the idea of traveling around the states. He said they'd winter in southern states and summer in northern ones. He's traveled & lived in lots of these places already & is smart enough to know Mom is wonderful!

Feb 3, 2010

Dog Thoughts

It's a bit dark in here lately. It makes it nicer fur sleeping, arf arf. The light bulbs have been dieing lots lately. Fur some strange reason they all seem to be dropping dead at the same time, so Mom has to lots 'n lots of new light bulbs. I think the lights at DolanDesigns are real nice, but Mom says she just needs the bulbs, not the fixtures.

Tonight when Mom went out to see Wendy, I stayed home. I just didn't feel like going this time which is really weird fur me. I let Mom know I wasn't going, just by not acting excited and not going to the door when she did. I stayed home in the nearly dark house and slept while Mom was out. Maybe I'm getting old.

A sore foot

Mom & I haven't been able to go walking fur awhile now. I have been limping real bad cuz I have a sore foot so Mom says no dog park until I get better. That's a drag and I miss going to play woof my dog friends, and I know Mom is right. I've just been laying around the house lots lately and not doing anything much. I do chew on a big bone that Mom's friend Pauline sent home fur me, but otherwise don't do much lately. I know my foot will soon be better & I'll be able to go play again. In the meantime, I wish we had a Wii and a bunch of wii accessories so I could do all that at home and get my exercise. Mom wants one too... and she doesn't even have the money to take me to a vet fur my foot. Oh well, it will get better soon. Mom tried to look at it and was able to figure out that it's not my ankle like she thought, but is one toe on that one foot. I won't let her look at it much cuz I never have liked my feet played woof.

Time fur a good nap.