Feb 12, 2010

Dinner for Two

A human word here:
Next week on Wednesday morning I go to see my 'diabetic nurse' Della again. Every 3rd month I have to see her regarding the Type 2 diabetes I have been diagnosed with. They are always concerned about my cholesterol levels due to the diabetes, though the readings I have were not a worry before. My doctor has urged me to go onto some kind of cholesterol treatment, and I keep refusing. I told him I will get it down with diet & exercise and so far it has come down a bit though needs more. This evening I went out for dinner with friend Tuggy & we decided to share the restaurant's special, the Lasagna with Greek Ribs & Garlic Toast. As it turned out, they gave us what we are sure was 2 dinners and only charged for 1. We were the last ones there before closing time. It was a very enjoyable meal though I know it was not in keeping with getting those cholesterol levels down.

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