Feb 8, 2010

Potato Chips and Chirps

Hi. Friday here again.

Some people wonder "how to remove dark circles under eyes". My answer to this dilemma is "get a bird", or more specifically, "get a Pacific Parrotlet".

I think dark circles under eyes is a sign of a health problem and the answer to most of these things is to get better rest & to de-stress. The best way to do this? Yup, have a Parrotlet live in your home with you. One little warning here though, "Parrotlets are like potato chips, you can't have just one". We are just so wonderful that everyone wants more once they've had one.

Our quiet little chirps and other such noises are very enjoyable to the human ear and unlike the noise of some other birds, our chirps and songs are very relaxing and peaceful. Our clownish behavior is very entertaining to humans as we hang upside down from the top of our cage and our toys. I have even ridden around on my human slave's head and hung upside down holding onto her hair and looked her right in the face. This made her laugh and laughter is always good medicine.

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Michelle said...

I think it basically means lack of sleep for me. I just have them when I haven't been sleeping for days.