Feb 19, 2010

Healthy Results... and not.

The following is what my Mom 'Bean is adding to my dog blog while I nap a bit. My foot is sore & Mom gave me some Tylonol to take the pain away so I trying to nap now.


Every 3 months, I visit a nurse, Della, & my doctor regarding Type 2 Diabetes. Before that visit, I go to the lab for blood tests that show what has been happening with my blood sugars over the past 3 months. This time around, I was a bit worried as December was a "tuff" month with all the sweet goodies over the Christmas season... then in January was my birthday and more sweet goodies. When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I had an A1C (that's what the 3 month test is called) of around 13.... after that it was 11.4 (being new it was redone before the 3 months), the next 2 were 6.3. Under 7 is good. The one this time was 6.1 so even a little better. Della & Dr. P. are both very happy with these readings and with the loss of 18 pounds, though I have gained 2 back so must loose them again and a bunch more. What they are not happy with is my cholesterol levels. They are higher than they should be even for a non-diabetic, though if I was one of those, it would be no big worry. However, a diabetic should have even lower readings than 'normal' people, so I am classed as 'high risk'. The doctor would like to put me on drugs for this and I keep refusing, working at bringing the levels down with diet & exercise. I will no more take cholesterol lowering meds than I would the world's best acne pills... and I am blessed with beautiful skin. Well, at least it would be a very frosty Friday, a "do it or die now" type thing.

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