Feb 3, 2010

Dog Thoughts

It's a bit dark in here lately. It makes it nicer fur sleeping, arf arf. The light bulbs have been dieing lots lately. Fur some strange reason they all seem to be dropping dead at the same time, so Mom has to lots 'n lots of new light bulbs. I think the lights at DolanDesigns are real nice, but Mom says she just needs the bulbs, not the fixtures.

Tonight when Mom went out to see Wendy, I stayed home. I just didn't feel like going this time which is really weird fur me. I let Mom know I wasn't going, just by not acting excited and not going to the door when she did. I stayed home in the nearly dark house and slept while Mom was out. Maybe I'm getting old.

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Faith | MyPostcardPrinting.com said...

Oh, maybe you are or maybe you're just not in the mood. It happens at times, you don't wanna go out because you're not in the mood. :) or maybe you are indeed getting older.