Feb 20, 2010

Mom's Day... so far

Today Mom went to Kelowna woof our friend Dan. They stopped at Value Village, a second hand store, and he bought her a dress & shoes just cuz he likes to see her in a dress. Then they went to Princess Auto Supply and got fenders fur our trike. Right now Mom 'Bean would like to spend her $$ taking me to the vet, but she already committed to building the trike and it's in the middle of that so she can't just say "Stop!" so she has to get what is needed fur the job even though she feels guilty. Anyway, so she got the fenders and the 2 of them came to way less money than it would take to just walk me into the vet office and have him/her look across the room at me. Then they came back home but on the way Mom talked to Tuggy, so they drove out to take the fenders and a old metal rack Mom had to Tuggy's place. Mom got to see the work Tug has done since she was there yesterday, and Dan got to see it fur the furst time. All this time, Mom is wearing the dress Dan bought her, woof the shoes. Dan, Tuggy & Q was all there and there was no need fur any testosterone boosters. There was lots of that just naturally. Mom might wear a dress more often, even though her legs was chilly.

Now Mom has a errand to run fur her friend Drew, then go out fur the evening woof him. Life is fun over 50 fur Mom.


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